Making Waves

Attention Snowbirds!

Join President Thomas J. Haas and fellow snowbirds in Naples, Florida, on February 22 for an inside look at putting the great back into our Great Lakes and Michigan’s freshwater resources. Dr. Alan Steinman, International freshwater expert and Hunting Director of the Grand Valley State University Annis Water Resources Institute, will explore both the challenges we face and the most recent progress being made to restore Michigan’s lakes, rivers, and watersheds to their past glory. 

The Grand Valley University Foundation forum is an annual winter gathering of West Michigan and Florida friends. The day is sure to be full of enlightening information, and the event offers newcomers and longtime friends an open and casual atmosphere in which to connect with others interested in Grand Valley and West Michigan. Guests welcome! 

For more information, or if you would like to be added to our invitation list, please contact Melissa Ellis at (616) 331-9095 or

GVSU YouTube Channel


The GVSU YouTube channel offers numerous videos that are informational and entertaining.

The #GVLakerEffect playlist presents a 1-minute synopsis of students and alumni sharing their Laker Effect stories. Featured above is Catherine Johnson, a management information systems major and activist.


"I would like you and all those who made Retiree Connection possible to know how much I appreciate the information, opportunities, and connections I can continue to have with GVSU through this program. I also enjoy the new website. It is pleasant to view, easy to navigate, and very helpful in keeping me up to date on the university events that are of interest to me. Thanks again for all your work and efforts."  

- Connie Ingham, GVSU Retiree


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