Stay Connected with Your University and Retired Colleagues

The Retiree Connection is a standing GVSU committee. Comprised of retirees, the Retiree Connection was formed to communicate with retirees and to be an advocate for their needs. Our website provides retirees a place to stay connected with the GVSU community and serves as a reliable source of campus news, important updates, and information that pertains to the community. 

"I would like you and all those who made Retiree Connection possible to know how much I appreciate the information, opportunities, and connections I can continue to have with GVSU through this program. I also enjoy the new website. It is pleasant to view, easy to navigate, and very helpful in keeping me up to date on the university events that are of interest to me. Thanks again for all your work and efforts."  

- Connie Ingham, GVSU Retiree

Page last modified March 16, 2022