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Ashleigh Palmiter, Social Studies '10

Ashleigh Palmiter, Social Studies '10

Interest Area(s)
Social Studies, History

I’m Ashleigh Palmiter. I graduated from GVSU in 2010, majoring in Group Social Studies and minored in School Health Education, with a secondary education teaching certification. I started my career teaching high school courses online, then transitioned to a traditional classroom where I taught middle school social studies. 

In 2018 after beginning my family, I joined the Grand Rapids Public Museum's (GRPM) education team where I design and deliver engaging educational programs that are aligned with academic standards. Additionally, I collaborate with local university partners on initiatives such as teacher professional development, accessibility, and Universal Design for learning. 

The historical mindsets and understandings I developed through history department courses come into play throughout many aspects of my work as a museum educator, including developing essential questions, researching artifacts and historical photographs in the GRPM's Collections, and teaching relevant lessons to students from diverse backgrounds. Finally, I earned a Master of Education in Literacy Studies, also from GVSU, in 2019. 

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