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Tim McKeeby, Social Studies '19

Tim McKeeby, Social Studies '19

After graduating from GVSU in the Spring of 2019, I accepted a teaching position at Fruitport Middle School in Fruitport, Michigan. My time at GVSU greatly shaped who I am as a teacher. I learned successful techniques and skills from the College of Education that has assisted me in my general teaching practices. However, the rigorous and insightful curriculum that I gained from the History and Social Studies department shaped my pedagogy and ability to implement content at a higher level of critical thinking. I am grateful for the mentorship of the outstanding professors in the Social Studies and History departments. Through their modeling, I learned the necessary skills to successfully teach my students how Social Studies and History connects their world to one another. The greatest achievement that I learned from my professors includes the notion that building strong relationships with students is the foundation of a successful education.

Interest Area(s)
History, Social Studies

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