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Alex Jablonski, History '11

Alex Jablonski, History '11

After graduating from Grand Valley in 2011, I moved out to Binghamton University in Binghamton, New York, to pursue a PhD in American history, focusing primarily on the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.  I earned my Master's in 2013, but after a bit of soul searching, I left the PhD program for a career in academic advising, first in the university's Undergraduate Research Center and now in the advising office for the College of Arts and Sciences.

I found that what I enjoyed most was working closely with students and helping through a very complicated and stressful and exciting period in their lives -- just the kind of help, I hope, that I received from some wonderful mentors at Grand Valley.  Since 2017, I have served as Binghamton's Pre-Law Advisor, advising students who are interested in legal careers, and I coordinate the university's Individualized Major Program, through which students propose their own courses of study.  I also met my wife in the doctoral program; the picture included here is from our trip to Europe in 2019 after she had finished her PhD, retracing some steps we both took for the first time as undergraduates.  She currently teaches American and Russian history at Binghamton, and in our spare time we're both hard at work on the endless task of restoring our old house.

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