Brent Purkaple

Professor Brent Purkaple on a hike smiling

Dr. Brent Purkaple
Visiting Professor of History 
Mackinac Hall D-1-140
[email protected]
(616) 331-2386


Ph.D., University of Oklahoma
M.A., University of Oklahoma
M.A., Wheaton College
B.A., Oklahoma Baptist University

Brent Purkaple is a historian of science, technology, and medicine with a particular focus on the history of premodern science, the history of science and religion, and the history of the book. In his classes he emphasizes the importance of recognizing that science, technology, and medicine are all stories with a history, and pushes students to consider how such a recognition influences individual and public perceptions of these areas. He is also interested in how the history of science, technology, and medicine may be useful to the broader public, and has experience applying his professional skills in the context of K-12 education and museum development.


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