As you spend more time in your graduate program, you'll realize there are dozens of resources available just for graduate students. We've selected the top three resources that you'll want to review before stepping on campus for your first class.

The Graduate School

The Graduate School (TGS) provides leadership and support for graduate education. We offer programming and advising to assist masters and doctoral students through transitions from prospective, to enrolled, and to graduating. We oversee:

The TGS Resource Page is an excellent first stop for any questions you may have about graduate education. 

Graduate Student Services

Library Services

The library offers extensive resources for graduate students, including research help, document/article retrievals, study room reservations and more. In addition, each graduate program has an identified library subject liaison who can help you discover library resources, journals, and databases that will advance your research projects. It's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the full list of library services.

The Writing Center

At the Writing Center, students receive feedback and consultations on any piece of writing. Papers can be submitted for review either in person or online, and graduate students can request for their writing to be reviewed specifically by another trained graduate student. Learn more about the Writing Center resources for graduate students.  The Graduate School has also compiled a vast array of resources to help on the Graduate Writing Resources page.

Learn More

View the slideshow presentations from our general orientation session through our New Graduate Student Virtual Orientation to learn more about graduate student resources, including:

  • Technology Services
  • Library Services
  • Graduate Student Resources

Page last modified January 26, 2023