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Godwin Middle School
Mulick Park Elementary

Lesson Plans

Groundswell partnered with WGVU, our local PBS affiliate, to create a series of educational videos and accompanying lesson plans. Topics include:

  • Creating meaningful outdoor experiences
  • Watersheds and water pollution from rain runoff
    • Introduction to watersheds and water pollution
    • Managing excess sediment
    • Managing pathogen pollution
    • Managing excess nutrients
  • Exploring the Grand River revitalization project
    • Overview of the revitalization project
    • Social & economic impacts
    • Advanced water quality assessment


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Community-based Project Identification Tool

This tool is a resource for developing high-quality, student-driven projects that address a real environmental need. It can help you identify the specific needs in your community. Use the tool to:

  • Explore the environmental needs in your community
  • Identify potential solutions
  • Put those solutions into action


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Watershed Exploration Resources

Our teachers and partners create amazing resources to help you and your students explore the local watershed. This page houses resources presented during professional development sessions - and more. Check back often - we're always posting new materials!


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Environmental Justice Resources

Many thanks to our community partners who fostered an engaging discussion around environmental justice at the Groundswell Summer Institute 2016. Below are some of the resources shared during that session.

Cultural Competency Resources

We were fortunate to have representatives from The Hispanic Center of Western Michigan present at the Groundswell Summer Institute 2016. They shared strategies for teaching language learners and engaged us in discussion around cultural competency and issues specific to the Hispanic community in Grand Rapids. Below are some of the resources they provided.

Community Advocacy Resources

We were grateful for the opportunity to have a representative from LINC UP present at the Groundswell Summer Institute 2016. He shared strategies for advocacy and community engagement. Among the information he shared was the Midwest Academy's strategy chart.

The Midwest Academy is an organization based out of Chicago dedicated to advancing social justice. Click here to visit their website.

Place-based Stewardship Education Resources

Groundswell is part of the Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative, a state-wide network of organizations engaged in advancing place-based education in K-12 schools. Educators who used place-based education consistently report that their students have become increasingly engaged and enthusiastic about learning. Below are materials developed by the GLSI to guide educators engaged in place-based stewardship education (PBSE).

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