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Groundswell is a coalition of community partners and educators supporting place-based stewardship education in West Michigan. Groundswell helps educators access community resources that supports place-based education and environmental stewardship in your community.


Why Join Groundswell?

Teacher Training

FREE, high-quality professional development on unique, innovative topics. Substitute reimbursement is available for workshops during the school day.

Project Funding

Up to $1,000 to implement a student-led stewardship project to address a real environmental need in your community.

Technical Support

Connections with local community organizations to provide technical support and guidance for your stewardship project.

Educator Collaboration

Opportunities for networking and collaborating with other inspiring educators dedicated to place-based education.

How do I join?

There are multiple ways to participate in Groundswell, and our staff will work with you to find the best fit for you. Opportunities for participation include:

Attend a Professional Learning Event

Learn about local place-based educational resources by attending Groundswell's year-round professional development for both formal and informal educators.  Teachers who attend our professional development are eligible for reimbursement of substitute fees and and to apply for project funding.

Attend a

Groundswell Event


Contact the Groundswell team


Do a Stewardship Action Project

Local teachers and schools are eligible to apply for funding from Groundswell through our project committee. Planning a project can help you lead students in quality, meaningful place-based environmental stewardship education.  Our project guidance helps you be successful as you work to make your community a better place.  Any grade or subject area can do a stewardship project, and we are there to help you along the way.  

Be a Presenter

Lead PD; serve as Groundswell PBE mentor; network with the Groundswell community. 

If interested, please

Contact the Groundswell Team

or attend a Groundswell workshop to get started.

We strongly encourage teams of multiple teachers (at the same school or different schools). This approach allows for collaboration, enhances in-school support, and provides expanded place-based education opportunities for students. If you are just starting out, we do offer options for individual teachers.

Typical School-Year Timeline

Program Timeline

I'm Ready to Join!

Step 1

Form a team of teachers from your school or another school.

Step 2

Explore the program materials available online and complete a Project Funding Request.

Step 3

Work with our staff to determine the best fit for your school.

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