Ian Z. Winkelstern

145 Padnos Hall of Science
1 Campus Drive
Allendale, MI  49401



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Education & Experience

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, 2016 - 2018

Isotopologue Paleoscience Laboratory, University of Michigan

Ph.D., 2016

University of Michigan Earth and Environmental Sciences

M.S., 2012

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Geological Sciences

B.S., 2010

University of Michigan Geological Sciences


Geo 111: Exploring the Earth

Geo 100: Environmental Geology

Geo 103: Living with the Great Lakes

Geo 105: Oceans

Geo 312: Sedimentation - Stratigraphy

Selected Publications

Winkelstern, I. Z., Lohmann, K.C., Rowe, M., Defliese, W., Petersen, S., and Brewer, A. (2017) Meltwater Pulse Recorded in Last Interglacial Mollusk Shells from Bermuda. Paleoceanography 32: 132-145.

Winkelstern, I. Z. and Lohmann, K.C. (2016) Shallow burial diagenesis of dolomite and limestone clumped isotope geochemistry. Geology 44: 467-470.

Winkelstern, I. Z., Kaczmarek, S. E., Lohmann, K. C, and Humphrey, J. (2016) Calibration of dolomite clumped isotope thermometry. Chemical Geology 443: 32-38.

Winkelstern, I.Z., Surge, D., Hudley, J. (2013) Multi-proxy sclerochronological evidence for Plio-Pleistocene regional warmth: US Mid Atlantic Coastal Plain. Palaios 28: 649-660.