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Fulfilling Internship

Major: Information Systems - Windows 10 migration Client Management Suite migration Level III support of Client technology Office365 support - Computer deployments for members - Computer cleaning - Configuration of warehouse default computers (i.e. logon logistics, specialized software installation, set-up at designated warehouse location, etc.) - Daily tasks of tickets

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My Intern Experience in IT & Development

Major: Information Systems My tasks started with assisting our managed IT clients with basic computer troubleshooting and network installations as well as server management. I was involved in several networking projects. For example, I routed cables in drop ceilings, terminated wire ends with ethernet connections, mounted access points and/or cameras. Later, I was soon thrown into web development projects after I showed work from my senior project and have continued in learning more web development skills.

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Tapping the Hidden Passion

Chit Zin
Major: Information Systems Tasks I have involved: " Activate Directory configuration for policy " Test Access control profile of Palo Alto firewall " User Access deployment " Writing script " Observe testing of Wildfire feature to forward suspicious file in traffic to Palo Alto lab " Testing Workspace as cloud based client " Learn how to troubleshoot PostgreSQL server and grant user limited access to specific tables " Check the URL filtering policy applied to Amazon workspaces instances " Certificate management of Windows system on Amazon workspaces server " Configure Amazon IAM " Configure the Amazon API Gateway I mainly involved in infrastructure development projects. My first project with cloud systems engineers, on standardizing user access control by using Active Directory configuration. This allowed me to observe the active directory on Amazon web service has the equal abilities to the locally hosted server. Beside it needs some caveats in configuration, it has major advantages in eliminating overhead without forgoing redundancy and performance. This assured me that the cloud-based infrastructure was fully dependable and increasingly become the option for new days' business with dynamic environment. Another project I worked on was creating parallel patching script for open sources. I used python and bash shell for this project. This project helped me reinvigorated my knowledge on scripting and horned my skill in debugging. The last project that I involved was developing Amazon lambda function to run and stop the EC2 instances.

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Building Software at Meijer

Major: Information Systems While at Meijer, I developed a web application for the Business Intelligence team. The application incorporated C#, HTML / CSS, JavaScript and JQuery, and DB2 Z/OS. What does that mean? It means I've learned a lot of new skills during my time at Meijer. My project was, in short, a web application that allowed specific users to update, delete, and insert records into existing databases.

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Major: Information Systems I completed several projects that were all over the board in terms of experience needed.

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Great Experience

Major: Information Systems -Troubleshooting and repairing printer issues -Repairing and building hardware for employees -Installing and repairing software and performing upgrades -Editing users in Active Directory -Documenting processes for users -Troubleshooting and solving of help-desk issues

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Internship with Jackson

Major: Information Systems I worked directly with multiple project leads on various On-boarding initiatives, produced weekly reports using Excel and VBA embedded to automate information needed to help with New hire metrics as they relate to the helpdesk, created a database used to display the results received from 3rd Party Vendors as it relates to security, and other various Operations focused duties.

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