Energizing Our World Activities @ Home

Looking to engage with renewable energy?

The following resources have been adapted from our summer camp curriculum, so you can try them at home! The themes are targeted for middle school students but can be easily adapted for other grade bands. The resources include videos, online games, and activities. Most of the activities can be done with household items, but supply lists are available.

The materials are open source for you use and under continuous development and refinement. If you have any suggestions to improve these materials, please provide a suggestion.

Site to Learn More

Check out these sites for videos and activities around the following themes:

Battery Exploration

Energy Exploration

Solar Exploration


Sustainability Bingo

Sustainability Bingo card

Can you guess the power of water?

Plant Identification Activity

Campers holding plants

Click on the photo to download the activity!

Looking to identify some plants in your own backyard or a local park? Download the activity and check out what you can find! Bonus content on sustainable farming practices included. To learn more, check out the GVSU Sustainable Agriculture Project.

These activities are brought to you in part by the Michigan Space Grant Consortium and Consumers Energy.