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Campus Student Organizations

Learn more and connect with any of these registered student organizations through GVSU's LakerLink database.


Student Environmental Coalition

The Student Environmental Coalition (SEC) is a service and advocacy organization intended to promote student interest in local, regional, and global environmental concerns. We organize educational events, campus cleanups, and community outreach programs within the Grand Valley student body and greater Grand Rapids area. Our mission is: "Helping to engage students at Grand Valley's campus' to be conscious citizens by promotion of environmental awareness." We are dedicated to sustainability related issues in hopes that our fellow students may learn to conserve natural resources and care more about their local environment.

Farm Club

The GVSU Farm Club is an organization of students who are committed to the promotion of farming and agriculture among the Grand Valley State University community. We hope to enrich the campus and surrounding communities with agrarian education and experiences. We meet regularly for volunteer hours at the Sustainable Agriculture Project site.

Alternative Energy Club

The GVSU Alternative Energy Club incorporates alternative sources of energy into practical engineering applications and projects.

Association of Student Geographers and Planners

The GVSU Association of Student Geographers and Planners is open to anyone who has an active interest in studying the world around us, exploring physical phenomena, the diverse and complex inhabitants that shape and transform boundaries, and the spatial and temporal aspects of the human impact on the natural environment whether terrestrial, atmospheric or nautical.

Backpacking Club

The GVSU Backpacking Club is a student organization created to organize fun, low-cost trips that get students away from campus and the grind of college life. The Club provides a venue for education on wilderness survival, outdoor recreation, low-impact camping, and doing our part to help the environment so that everyone can enjoy it. Essentially, we are here to make CONNECTIONS with each other and the world around us while having a great time.

Beekeeping Club

Learn what all the buzz is about! The GVSU Beekeeping Club maintains active apiaries on the Allendale and Holland campuses. 

Biology Club

The GVSU Biology Club provides excellent opportunities to build relationships with faculty and fellow students who have a similar interest in biology. You will also be given a chance to interact with the community through various events and gain awareness of career and research opportunities in biology related fields. Any and all majors are welcome to participate!

Food and Nutrition Club

At our bi-weekly meetings, members of the GVSU Food and Nutrition Club usually have a discussion on something related to nutrition (types of diets, cooking skills, diet-related diseases, food system, and lifestyle topics such as how to save money while shopping healthy), movie screenings, food demos, and guests such as nutritionists, chefs, etc. We will also organize outside events such as volunteering at local food banks, take field trips to restaurants/farmer's markets, attend conferences, and aid in spreading info about nutrition to our peers on campus! Any and all majors are welcome, as long as you have an interest in nutrition, healthy lifestyles, or the food system in general!

Geology Club

The GVSU Geology Club exists to offer a friendly environment to all students interested in geology, rocks, minerals, environmental studies, or those who just like being outside.

Soil and Water Conservation Society

The GVSU SWCS participates in local conservation projects, including environmental clean-ups, habitat restorations, and similar community service activities.

West Michigan Anglers Conservation Club

Student anglers promoting the protection of native and anadromous freshwater fish species through conservation and restoration of freshwater ecosystems throughout West Michigan. A recreational club focusing on the education and service of sport fishing watershed conservation.

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