Steps for Becoming a Teacher

1. Enter GVSU

The first step to becoming a teacher is to apply to GVSU. You must be a GVSU student before you may enroll in Education courses. You begin Education courses in your first year at GVSU, then apply for Teacher Apprenticeship in your junior year.

Apply to GVSU

2. Explore Education Program Options

GVSU's undergraduate programs prepare you to teach specific grade levels. In your Education courses, you will learn highly-effective, research-based teaching methods to help you meet the unique needs of each student.

Explore Program Options and Requirements

3. Connect with Your Advisor

Meet with a professional advisor in GVSU’s advising centers. Education has very specific courses. Your advisor can help ensure all courses you take count towards your program and help you declare an Education major.

Schedule Advising Appointment

4. Plan Your Course Sequence on myPath

GVSU provides all students with myPath, an online tool to plan and track your academic progress toward graduation. myPath is both a degree analysis audit and an educational planner. This tool is not intended to take the place of an advisor. We strongly recommend meeting with your advisor periodically to review your academic plan.

Plan Ahead with myPath

5. Take Your Teacher Certification Test

Plan to take the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC) after you have completed your content majors courses. The MTTC must be passed before you apply for your teacher certification. If you are unsure which tests to take, reach out to the Office of Certification and Accreditation at [email protected].

 MTTC Information  

6. Apply for Teacher Apprenticeship

You typically apply for Teacher Apprenticeship in your junior year at GVSU. There is an application and materials due the semester before you plan to be a Teacher Apprentice. During your apprenticeship, you work alongside a mentor teacher in an area school as you gradually take on the responsibilities of teaching.

Apply for Teacher Apprenticeship

7. Apply for Teacher Internship

During your Teacher Apprenticeship semester, you will apply for a Teacher Internship by completing a simple application and submitting an updated resume. As a Teacher Intern, you will work as a full-time teacher in a classroom with a current teacher serving as your mentor.

Apply for Teacher Internship

8. Apply for Graduation

Students should submit their application to graduate the semester before their degree requirements will be completed.

Graduation Information

9. Apply for Teacher Certification

Once you have completed all the teacher certification requirements, you must apply through the Michigan Online Educator Certification System (MOECS). All Michigan teachers seeking certification must register with MOECS to receive their certificate.

State Certification Information

“I am in awe of the opportunities that Grand Valley gives students to become the best versions of themselves, whether that's through academic development, leadership development, or professional development.”

Selena Brown, Comprehensive Science and Arts for Teaching Major / Class of 2020

Page last modified June 27, 2024