Apply for Field Placement

You should apply for your field placement the semester before you expect to participate in your clinical field experience.

Teacher Apprenticeship Application

The deadline to apply for a Teacher Apprenticeship for Winter 2023 is September 15, 2022.

After a student's application and associated materials are submitted they will receive an email inviting them to schedule an application review meeting.

Student Teaching Internship Application

The deadline to apply for a Student Teaching Internship for Winter 2023 is September 1, 2022.

Early Childhood Practicum Application

The deadline to apply for an Early Childhood Practicum is:

September 15th for Winter semester placement

February 15th for Spring/Summer semester placement

May 15th for Fall semester placement

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Study Abroad

Education faculty offer a number of programs for students to study abroad during their field placement. Explore to find your opportunity!


Please note, most scholarship applications are due March 1st or October 15th.

For Questions and Help

If you have any questions about the clinical experience applications, please contact the Office of Certification and Accreditation at (616) 331-6650 or email [email protected].

Page last modified July 29, 2022