Teaching Certification Requirements

To be eligible to receive a Michigan Standard Teaching Certificate, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Completion of degree requirements and teaching major, minor, and education major/professional program requirements.
  2. GPA of 2.7 overall and in the major, minor, and education major program. Currently, these content area majors require a 3.0 GPA: Art Education, English (major and minor), History, Language Arts, and Social Studies.
  3. Grades of B- or better and positive recommendations in professional fieldwork courses, EDI 310, and EDR 320 or EDR 321, EDT 370, EDS 378 or EDS 379 (elementary and secondary general education students only), and EDF 485.
  4. Passing scores on Michigan Subject Area Tests (MTTC Tests).
      • Elementary candidates must pass the Elementary Test. If an elementary candidate passes the subject area test in an academic major area or special education endorsement area, these will be added to the teaching certificate.
      • Secondary candidates must pass subject area tests in both the teaching major and minor.
  5. Current certification of CPR (Adult/Child) Instruction and First Aid (Standard or Basic). Michigan Department of Education provides a list of Approved Providers for CPR and First Aid certification.
  6. If your criminal background information changes at any time, please contact the Certification Officer to confirm the change(s) are on file at GVSU.
  7. All Michigan teachers seeking teaching certification of any kind must register with MOECS in order to receive their certificate. Grand Valley State University will no longer be accepting paper applications for certification.

Page last modified June 21, 2021