Education Program Information

Undergraduate Education Majors

GVSU offers multiple undergraduate programs for teachers to become certified to teach specific grade levels. In the Education courses, you will learn the most effective, research-based teaching methods to help you meet the unique needs of each of your students.

Birth to Kindergarten

This program will prepare you to teach Young Children (Birth to Kindergarten), in both general and special education settings.

Elementary Education

This program will prepare you to teach all subject areas in Lower Elementary (PK-3rd Grade) and/or Upper Elementary (3rd-6th Grade).

Secondary Education

This program will prepare you to teach in Middle School and High School in the subject areas you select.

Special Education

This program will prepare you to teach:

  • All subjects, grades PK-3rd and/or grades 3rd-6th.
  • Special Education in grades K-12th
  • Special Education programs for children and adults with disabilities up to age 26

Have a question about the Education programs? Reach out to us for advising and information on the steps to become a teacher.

Advising and Course Planning Information

Student Advising Handbooks

The Student Advising Handbooks provide information on the Undergraduate Teacher Education requirements, and identify available teachable major and minor programs. Use your handbook as a guide to ensure you meet program requirements, as well as professional and certification requirements.

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