Transfer Courses and Transfer Students

Transfer Courses

Transfer Students

A student transferring to GVSU who plans to become a teacher should meet with an Education advisor. The advisor will review the programs offered and help the student determine which program best meets individual career goals. The advisor will also provide information about the requirements for Education field placements.

The Undergraduate Teacher Education program is an upper-division professional program. Once a student has met specific requirements for the general education, major, minor and professional program, the student can apply for the Teacher Apprenticeship field placement.

A transfer student needs to take EDF 315 as soon as possible upon entering GVSU, and plan to attend a Group Advising session. Information about Group Advising is shared in EDF 315.

If a transfer student has previously taken a class that transfers to GVSU as EDF 315, the student needs to contact the Education program during the first semester at GVSU. The student will attend a Group Advising Session. An Education advisor will also be assigned at the Group Advising Session.

Transfer students should keep in close contact with their major advisor. This advisor will help them become familiar with the requirements for their major course of study.

Page last modified June 29, 2022