Study Abroad Opportunities

GVSU's Barbara H. Padnos International Center has partnered with GVSU faculty to offer multiple programs for Education students to study abroad. Brief descriptions of some of the opportunities are included below. Scroll down the page to find information or select one of the following links to jump directly to that program:

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Undergraduate Certificate of International Teaching Experience

The Certificate of International Teaching Experience (CITE) program prepares teachers to be culturally competent in a global society. Completing the certification provides teachers with a tangible credential that recognizes the candidate's interest in preparing to teach diverse populations in domestic or foreign settings.

Students typically complete courses for the certificate over 2 semesters and participate in a study abroad experience supported by GVSU's Teacher Education programs.

Teacher Apprentice in Ireland

Finish your Teacher Apprenticeship semester with a unique experience studying abroad in Kerry, Ireland at the end of the semester on this faculty-led program. Students will stay with host families in County Kerry, allowing you to be fully immersed in Irish culture. During the day, students will teach in local schools. All classroom placements will meet your certification and academic needs as you observe and work as a Teacher Apprentice.

There will also be several field trips planned to explore Ireland and its history, including tours of Dublin, Dingle, and the Ring of Kerry.

When to apply:

  • March 1st for students scheduled for Teacher Apprenticeship in the Fall semester of that same calendar year.
  • Contact Sherie Klee at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Teacher Apprentice in Ireland Application and Additional Information

Green hills, farms, and cottages in County Kerry, Ireland.

Consortium of Overseas Student Teachers (COST) Program

The Consortium of Overseas Student Teachers (COST) is a collaboration of 16 universities across the continental U.S. that provides quality student teaching internship experiences in 15 countries worldwide.

When to apply:

  • March 1st for students scheduled for student teaching internship in the Fall semester of that same calendar year.
  • September 10th for students scheduled for student teaching internship in the Winter semester of the following calendar year.


COST Program Requirements

  • COST Application from the Program Director
  • Application for Field Placement
  • GPA 3.0
  • GVSU required health insurance (approx. $1.35 per day)
  • Passport
  • Sense of adventure

Consortium of Overseas Student Teachers (COST) Website

Germany Program

In the Germany program, students partner with Pädagogische Hochschule Schwäbisch Gmünd (PHSG) to engage in 6-week K-12 school placements in the area of Schwäbisch Gmünd. GVSU and PHSG have been partners since 2006, and PHSG offers outstanding educational programs to more than 3,000 students. Founded as a teacher education university, most students at PHSG are studying to be teachers. GVSU students can take courses in either English or in German; however, the courses available in English are limited. Students interested in improving their German proficiency are strongly encouraged to take regular PHSG courses taught in German.

Set upon a hilltop just outside the town of Schwabisch Gmund, PHSG is just a short bus ride to the city center which offers students a very warm and culturally rich atmosphere. This medieval town is part of the UNESCO World Heritage "Roman Limes," and is home to several architectural treasures, museums, and colorful shopping centers.

  • Students interested in a school placement through one of PHSG's school partnerships must contact Sherie Klee at [email protected] to learn how this can fit into your academic plan.  Possible student internship placements are available for Fall semesters only.
  • For additional information about the course options available visit the PHSG website

Schwäbisch Gmünd (PHSG), Germany Application and Additional Information

View of the town of Schwabisch Gmund in Germany, on the banks of the Rems river.

Additional Study Abroad Opportunities

In addition to the Study Abroad opportunities for students pursing Education majors, GVSU's College of Liberal Art and Sciences offers a number of PCKET Major Study Abroad Opportunities, allowing students to complete content area courses in international settings.

Please visit GVSU Study Abroad to search for additional international study opportunities and begin your study abroad journey.

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