SMART Lab Staff

The SMART Lab is an incubator, designed to increase non-traditional student’s access to undergraduate research opportunities in online spaces. It is led by Director Max Counter and is a part of the Center for Scholarly Engagement.

Support for SMART Lab comes from a team of dedicated faculty and staff whose teaching and mentoring helps make SMART Lab work. Some of the lead individuals in that work include:

Kate Fairman

Affiliate Faculty, IRIS (Traverse City Campus)

[email protected]




Maureen Wolverton

Senior Affiliate Faculty, IRIS

[email protected]

Melanie Shell-Weiss

Associate Dean, Brooks College of Interdisciplinary Studies

[email protected]

Susan Mendoza

Director, Center for Undergraduate Scholar Engagement

Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship


We are grateful to the Center for Scholarly and Creative Excellence, Brooks College of Interdisciplinary Studies, and Pew Faculty Teaching & Learning Center for providing resources to help pilot the SMART Lab effort.

For questions, contact the SMART Lab Director at [email protected]

Page last modified May 21, 2023