Teletherapy Tips: Privacy 101

Keeping private things private can be a challenge when you live with others, and privacy is a big deal when it comes to teletherapy.  If you’re worried about doing therapy from home, here are a few quick tips:

Tele therapy tip 1

Ask a housemate or loved one if they can hear you from outside your room, a closet, the bathroom – wherever!  They can help you find a place where you can talk without others overhearing you before your first appointment.  

tele therapy 2

Pay attention to the schedules of those you live with.  Is there a time when they’re usually out of the house?  Or busy with an online class?  Or playing video games with headphones on?  Try setting your teletherapy appointment for when you’re likely to be alone or others are distracted.

tele tip 3

Headphones can keep people from accidentally overhearing at least part of your conversation.  If you don’t have them already, try googling “cheap headphones” – there are lots of options between $3 and $10.  White noise can also help.  Download a free white noise app or play one of the YouTube videos below when you meet with your therapist to help muffle the sound


myNoise: Web | Google Play | App Store

White Noise Lite: Google Play | App Store

White Noise

White Noise

White Noise

tele tip four

Contact the Library or Kirkhof Center to see if you can reserve a room.  Students can do this for free (if one is available), and you just say it’s for an appointment or meeting – because it is!

tele tip 5

Get in your car and go.  Then stop.  Teletherapy while driving isn’t safe, but you can always meet with your therapist while parked somewhere near your house/apartment.

Page last modified February 26, 2021