Stress Management Workshop: Week Four

Situational Stress

What is Situational Stress?

  • You experience situational stress when you’re in a scary situation you have no control over.
  • This could be an emergency, but more commonly it’s a situation that involves conflict or a loss of status/acceptance in the eyes of your group.
    • e.g. Getting fired from your job
    • e.g. Making a major mistake in front of others

Coping skills to manage situational stress

KEY POINT: This type of stress often appears suddenly, like in a situation you did not anticipate, so it is important to increase your awareness and skills.

Technique 1: Recognize “automatic” physical and emotional signals that your body sends out when you’re under pressure

Technique 2: Use effective conflict resolution skills

  • ​​​​​​Conflicts are an important cause of situational stress.
  • Try to come up with win-win solutions to the problem.

Technique 3: Acknowledge, name, and manage emotions in the moment 

  • Ask yourself: “What feeling am I experiencing right now?”
  • Use coping skills to manage those feelings

If I Feel...

I Should...


Take a break


Focus on relaxation


Practice my coping skills


Be loving toward myself


Find a positive outlet


Rest (mind, body, soul)


Practice (self) compassion


Find love & support

Week Four Video

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