GVSU is home to students with a variety of religious and spiritual preferences. Students from differing religious sects come together on this campus to form a unified group of students. The Counseling Center has many trained staff that represent a variety of spiritual beliefs, and our office is used as a resource to get connected with a less familiar religious sect or spiritual group. Below we have listed on campus and online resources, as well as tools to advocate for your religious or spiritual beliefs. Call us at (616) 331-3266 for more info.

Inclusive Prayer & Meditation Space

The inclusive prayer & meditation space is open to all GVSU students, faculty and staff.
The space is located in the Kirkhof Center on the Allendale campus. Stop at the 20/20 desk in Kirkhof for more info.

Resource Toolkit


Campus Ministry (CRC)
Cook-DeWitt Center, 331-3251

Campus Ministry (Catholic)
Cook-DeWitt Center, 331-3131

Common Threads (WGVU)
A news program through WGVU focusing on providing intelligent conversations with clerics, authors, journalists  & lay members of the various world religions on topics that interest the thinking public.

International Center's Places of Worship Directory
This webpage offers an extensive list of area places of worship.

Kaufman Interfaith Institute
A GVSU institute committed to facilitating mutual respect and greater interfaith understanding in West Michigan and beyond.



Information and inspiration for those who identify with diverse religions.
For followers of the Buddhist faith.

Christian Reformed Church

GIFT = Gays In Faith Together
Offering a community to LGBT individuals of faith.

Ahlul Bayt Digital Islamic Library Project
The world's largest digital Islamic library, operated by worldwide volunteers.

Pagan Federation
Info, support and tools for followers of paganism.

Shamash Organization
Info & resources for follows of Judaism.


Dedicated to protecting the Civil Liberties of all Americans, including those in varied religious sects.

Americans United for Separation of Church & State
A nonpartisan organization dedicated to preserving church-state separation to ensure religious freedom for all Americans.

Lobbying for the Faithful
A Pew Research study about religious advocacy. Includes a searchable directory of advocacy organizations.

Religious Tolerance
An organization consisting of a multi-faith group effort to provide info, resources, and dialogue.

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