Having a disability can be lonely in our society. Many are afraid or uncomfortable talking about the experience of being disabled. Because of this attitude, you may have experienced different forms of prejudice and rejection. At times, these experiences may seem insignificant, yet as they accumulate, can be draining and overwhelming. Counseling center staff welcome the opportunity to assist and empower. We can help you explore personal concerns, find an understanding community, and provide a safe space.

Take a look at our toolkit below to help you find on campus and online assistance, as well as advocacy tools. Feel free to stop in to see us at 204 STU or call us at (616) 331-3266.


Resource Toolkit


GVSU's Disability Support Resources
Support services & accommodations that enhance the environment for persons with disabilities.
4015 Zumberge Hall
(616) 331-3880

Inclusion & Equity Office
Support and advocacy help.
4035 Zumberge Hall
(616) 331-3296

International Center
Interested in studying abroad but not sure how accommodations will be met? Contact this office for help.
130 Lake Ontario Hall
(616) 331-3898

Student Academic Success Center
Academic help, including tutoring services.
200 STU
(616) 331-3588


Association on Higher Education and Disability
Many helpful links to different universities and programs and information on a range of disabilities.

Heath Resource Center
An information exchange about educational support services, policies, procedures, adaptations, and opportunities at American campuses, and other post-secondary training entities.

Job Accommodation Network (JAN)
A consulting service that provides information about job accommodations and the employment of people with disabilities.

Post-secondary Education Programs Network
Technical assistance and information for higher ed on serving deaf and hard-of-hearing students.


National Disability Rights Network
Dedicated to advocating for those with disabilities.
Phone: (202) 408-9514
TTY: (202)-408-9521

US Department of Justice
Protecting the rights of persons with disabilities. They can be contacted to obtain information about your rights.
Civil Rights Division, Disability Rights:
(202) 307-0663
Voice and TDD:
(202) 307-1198

National Association of the Deaf
Provides general information about deaf communities and Deaf culture and has a law center with attorneys who are familiar with laws related to accommodating deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals.
Phone: (301) 587-1789
TTY: (301) 587-1778
Voice: (301) 587-1791

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