Finding An Internship

Tips For Finding And Securing an Internship:

Start Looking Early. Finding and securing an internship can be a slow tedious process, and if your graduation depends on securing an internship it is a good idea to start looking early. Below is a list of online resources where you can begin your search for internships, search all of them and search often! In addition to online resources utilize GVSU resources and always network.

Career Interests & Internship Requirements. It is important to have a clear understanding of your own career interests when looking for an internship. If you are not certain of exactly where you career interests are be sure to talk to your professors, your academic advisors, the GVSU Career Center advisors, and talk to people in the industry. It is also very important that you understand what is expected/required of your internship in order to receive credit.

Polish Your Resume & Interviewing Skills. Schedule an appointment with the GVSU Career Center and have an advisor look over your cover letter and resume. Ask your professors and advisors to take a look at your resume and cover letter as well. If you are applying to many internships it is useful to have a resume template that you can pull from when writing each unique resume, and be sure to keep each variation of your resume. GVSU Career Center also has services to help you with your interview skills.

Network. Talk to your professors, your classmates, your advisors, go to conventions, go to career fairs, talk to as many people as possible in your industry, and stay active.

Follow Up With Employers. Learn from every internship you apply to, even if you do not get it. If you get rejected, ask why? You may get some constructive criticism that could improve your resume or interview.

GVSU Student Resources:

GVSU Career Center

The GVSU Career Center offers many services that may prove beneficial for students looking for an internship. The Career Center offers both individual career advising as well as resume assistance (by appointment or during walk-in-hours). The GVSU Career Center also hosts several career fairs & workshops through the year. http ://

Experience Matters

A website that lists where GVSU students have interned previously.

Online Resources: is the most widely visited job search website in the United States. On you are able to quickly search through millions of jobs throughout the world as well as easily post your resume for employers to find. Indeed intuitive search engine resembles Google, where you simply type in job characteristics (for example, job title, job location, part-time or full-time) and relevant jobs are listed. Indeed collects job listings from many thousands of job sources on the web allowing you to search all of them simultaneously. also has additional features like industry trends, job trends, and salary searches.

If you are looking for internships, is a great place to start looking, both locally and nationally. And it certainly doesn't hurt to post your resume. is a simple but powerful search engine for job listings. Keyword, job characteristic, and job location text based queries are referenced against the millions of new jobs posted. Similar to, SimplyHired is an aggregate of thousands of other job websites, and job listings such as newspapers and blogs and so forth, so searching SimplyHired has the potential to be very effective. You can also post your resume, allowing employers to search for you. Simply add the term "Internship" or "Intern" to your search

Intern in Michigan is a free web-based system that offers a simple solution for students who are looking for internships and co-ops in Michigan.



MichBio is a non-profit association that advocates the advancement of the bioscience sector in Michigan. They represent many biotech companies in the state and have presence in universities throughout the state. MichBio sponsors events throughout the year where people in the industry meet, which of course is a great place to network and just see what is going on in Michigan.

West Michigan Regional Undergraduate Science Research Conference

GVSU Career Fairs

GVSU Student Scholars Day

Taiwan International Graduate Program International Summer Internship



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