CMB Faculty Research Interests

CMB Faculty


General Research Area

Matt Christians

Protein Degradation in Plants

Margaret Dietrich

Plant Signal Transduction & Development

Dawn Clifford Hart

Cell Division Cytoskeleton

Sok Kean Khoo

Molecular Genetics & Genomics

Osman Patel

Reproductive Biology

Mark Staves

Plant Sensing of Environmental Stimuli

Agnieszka Szarecka

Computer Simulations and Modeling of Proteins/Bioinformatics

Pei-Lan Tsou

Wastewater Surveillance of SARS CoV2
Inland Lake Beach Monitoring of E. Coli
Signal Transduction in Plants

Joint Appointment Faculty


General Research Area

Sheila Blackman (BIO & CMB)

Environmental Forensics
Plant Development

Martin Burg (BMS & CMB)

Genetics & Molecular Biology of Photoreceptor Function

Patrick Thorpe (BIO & CMB)

Evolution of Genes & Behavior

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