Career Opportunity: Industrial / Institutional Research

Because of the biotechnology revolution that has occurred in the last 20 years, the opportunities for biological research in the private sector are wide-spread. Scientists in all corners of the country (as well as around the world) are using biotechnology, cell biology, molecular biology, biochemistry, and many other specializations to find solutions to some of the greatest challenges facing our society:

  • cures or treatments for diseases such as cancer, AIDS, and Alzheimer's

  • new methods for controlling agricultural diseases and pests
  • using microorganisms to clean up toxic wastes

  • detection of chemical or biological weapons

Graduates in Cell and Molecular Biology are well-suited for a career at a large pharmaceutical or agricultural company, a small start-up biotech firm, or at an institute dedicated to non-profit research. Scientists who work in these types of environments are typically involved with full-time bench research, quality control of products, research leadership, or regulatory affairs.

Companies and research institutes hire scientists with Bachelors, Masters, and PhD degrees.

Page last modified February 24, 2013