Congratulations on Starting Your Path to Graduate and Professional Education!

Deciding to attend graduate or professional school is a big decision, but one that can ultimately lead to a rewarding future. The journey you are embarking on is exciting, valuable, and unique, but it also can be filled with questions and unknowns, including whether this is the best path for you.

This website is designed to:

  • Familiarize you with the graduate or professional school application process and gain added perspective about the journey
  • Help you discover why you want to pursue graduate or professional study, what discipline to pursue, which school to attend or apply to, what career path to choose for which a graduate or professional education is needed, and identify your strengths and life experiences that well-position you for the journey
  • Assist you in designing an action plan to help you best accomplish your unique goals and dreams while connecting you with resources to aid in this process
  • Support you in developing confidence that the pursuit of a graduate or professional education is achievable and enabling you to deliver your plan of action to successfully move in the direction of your dreams

We invite you to explore the various tabs and links provided throughout this website to access materials to help you successfully navigate your path to graduate and professional school. Best wishes on your journey!

If there is any information that you feel is lacking or you wish to see more information on a certain discipline, please feel free to contact us and voice your concern to help improve the Path to Graduate and Professional School Initiative!

Student Success Stories

Brianne Docter

Brianne Docter

Brianne Docter graduated from Grand Valley and is currently pursuing a PhD in Cellular & Molecular Biology at University of Michigan from Jenison, MI

Elizabeth Strach

Elizabeth Strach

Elizabeth Strach graduated from Grand Valley and is currently pursuing Masters of Science in Analytics at North Carolina State University and is from Marine City, MI

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