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Grand Valley State University's Vertical Earth Climbing Club is a student-run organization that is held in the Fieldhouse's Climbing Center on Grand Valley's Allendale campus. The club climbs several times throughout the week along with numerous trips to outdoor locations such as Grand Ledge outside of Lansing, Red River Gorge in Kentucky, and Red Rock Canyon, Nevada (trips are suspended for the fall 2020 semester due to COVID-19). Club members are encouraged to expand their knowledge and their ability within the sport of rock climbing. Our meeting times are Sundays 7-10 p.m. and Wednesdays 8-11 p.m. 

  • President: Louis Vieregge
  • Vice President: Quin Kulak
  • Financial Officer: Brenna Campau
  • Public Relations: Michael Stefanou
  • Risk Manager: Clinton Ivory

Club E-Mail: [email protected]

Training Schedule


$40 per semester 

$70 for the year 


Practice times: 

Wednesdays: 8 pm - 11pm  

Sundays: 8pm - 11pm 


Location: GVSU Climbing Center located in the Recreation building 

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GVSU Swim and Dive headed to Regionals this past weekend at the University of Wisconsin!

Eleven members of the Grand Valley Swim Club traveled to Madison, Wisconsin to compete against 26 teams at the College Club Swimming Central Regional Championship Meet. The event was held at the University of Wisconsin on November 11-12, 2022. Notable swims came from junior Anna Cornell, who broke the team record in the 50-yard butterfly with a time of 29.56. The high point scorer for the meet was freshman Sandra Rabidouix-Martinez who was awarded 13 points for her 6th place finish in the women’s 1000-yard freestyle with a time of 14:17.40. Rabidouix-Martinez remarked “It was my first time traveling that far for a meet and my first time swimming the 1000. I am so happy to have spent it with the GVSU swim club, it was really fun!” The Swim Club looks forward to their next invitational at The University of Notre Dame on December 3rd, 2022.

November 17, 2022

GVSU Swim Club traveled to Michigan State University this past weekend for their first meet of the season!

The GVSU Swim Club traveled to Michigan State University on October 1st, 2022 for their first meet of the season. Of the eight teams in attendance, GVSU took 6th place overall with 98 points, 65 of which belong to the men, putting them in 5th place. The remaining 33 points belong to the women, putting them in 6th place. Several swimmers began the season strong, already swimming cut times for the 2023 College Club Swimming National Meet. Qualifiers include Dom Ferracciolo in the 50 Breaststroke (29.75), Lauren Murphy in the 50 Breaststroke (33.42), and Molly Smith in the 50 Breastroke  (33.79). Several team records were broken as well including Ferracciolo in the 200 Breaststroke (2:25.38) and Jay Patterson in the 50 Freestyle (22.76) and the 50 Butterfly (24.96). Other notable finishes come from the Men’s 200 Medley Relay A team composed of Shaun Walkowiak, Dom Ferracciolo, Jay Patterson, and Ethan Thomas who took a 6th place finish with a time of 1:45.37. President Erin Marshall remarked “It was the best way to start out the season! Everyone did amazing and we had so much fun, our team is looking very good for this upcoming season!” 


October 3, 2022

Swim Nationals

It was a bittersweet moment for the GVSU Swim club as they ended their season with the biggest meet of the year. Eight swimmers flew down to Atlanta, Georgia for Nationals where they competed against 115 teams and a total of 2,001 swimmers. They scored a total of 4 points and it came from Veronica Lidy in her 400 IM (5:14.13). We had some career best swims from some of our swimmers. Shaun Walkowiak (freshman) swam at his first nationals meet and had some killer times. Walkowiak competed in four different relays and swam one individual event.

His individual event was the 50 backstroke (27.55) where he dropped 0.39 milliseconds. Walkowiak said, “I had a great time with all of my teammates, cheering them on and swimming with them. It definitely encourages me to make the cut again next year to experience it again!” We had six other swimmers who competed for their first time at nationals as well ( Jonah Cox, Dom Ferracciolo, Erin Marshall, Jay Patterson, and Rachel Patterson). Cox swam the 50 backstroke (28.29) as well along with four relays. Ferracciolo competed in four relays and the 50 breaststroke (29.16) where he dropped 1.34 seconds. Marshall swam three relays and one tough individual event of the 200 butterfly (2:32.66). Jay Patterson swam four relays and competed in two individual events of the 50 butterfly (24.76) and the 50 freestyle (22.92). Jay also broke the 50 butterfly record. Last but not least, Rachel Patterson competed in three relays and four individual events of 50 freestyle (26.91), 100 backstroke (1:06.68), 50 backstroke (30.72) and 100 freestyle (58.44). Rachel also had time drops in all her individual events. Our last two swimmers, Skylar Gottschalk and Veronica Lidy, both seniors, had competed in one other nationals their freshman year. Unfortunately, due to Covid, they lost two chances to swim at Nationals their sophomore and junior years. For these two swimmers it was sadly their last swim meet of their careers. Both Gottschalk and Lidy dropped time in every event they swam over the weekend. Gottschalk competed in three relays and four individual events of 100 breaststroke (1:16.55), 50 backstroke (31.79), 50 breaststroke (34.68) and the 100 IM (1:08.28). Lidy swam

in three relays and three individual events of 400 IM (5:14.13), 200 IM (2:26.99), and the 200 Freestyle (2:11.63). It was a bit of a stressful meet for the team and a happy but sad ending for the seniors. But this meet will be one these eight swimmers never forget.

April 25, 2022


WYOMING, MI – The GVSU Rifle Club recently wrapped up the 2021-2022 Snow County English Match season, hosted by the SEMNO High Masters Shooting Team. In total, five Lakes competed in the series. The course of fire for each match is 60 shots, in prone position, at 50 feet on the metric target. There are six matches; however, the season aggregate is determined by the highest four matches.


Sophomore Katheryn Karas was the top junior/collegiate shooter in the series this season.


Match 1:


Alexander Straith             592.6

Katheryn Karas                  585.0

Cassie Coulston-Gerigk  574.3

Tristan Bruizeman            570.6

Jacob Schorr                       511.1


Match 2:


Cassie Coulston-Gerigk  592.4

Alexander Straith             591.5

Katheryn Karas                  583.9

Tristan Bruizeman            558.8

Jacob Schorr                       513.9


Match 3:


Katheryn Karas                  593.6

Cassie Coulston-Gerigk  593.5

Alexander Straith             589.0

Tristan Bruizeman            563.1

Jacob Schorr                       521.6


Match 4:


Katheryn Karas                  602.6

Alexander Straith             591.5

Cassie Coulston-Gerigk  587.7

Tristan Bruizeman            531.9


Match 5:


Katheryn Karas                  600.4

Alexander Straith             589.4


Match 6:


(No Laker Entries)


Grand Aggregate:


Katheryn Karas                  2381.6

Alexander Straith             2365.0

Cassie Coulston-Gerigk  2347.9

Tristan Bruizeman            2224.4

Jacob Schorr                       1546.6  


The mission of the GVSU Rifle & Pistol Club is to provide all students with the opportunity to participate in shooting sports, with an emphasis in three-position smallbore rifle, international air rifle, and air pistol. Regardless of skill or ability, all members can have a safe and enjoyable time interacting with fellow students and engaging in marksmanship. All equipment is provided, including guns, ammunition, and targets. The club meets Tuesdays from 3:00 PM – 7:00 PM and Thursdays 5:00 PM – 10:00 PM during the school year at the Grand Rapids Rifle & Pistol Club (1331 Nagel Ave SW, Wyoming). Practice attendance is not mandatory to be a member of the club; however, regular practice attendance is expected.

Please consider supporting the GVSU Rifle Club through a tax-deductible charitable contribution:

April 20, 2022

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