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Ellie Mulder

Hello laker nation! Today is Thursday, March 7 and I started my day bright and early around 7:30am. After a delicious hotel breakfast consisting of yogurt, granola, and many muffins, we headed to Lake Hartwell for our morning practice. I sat port 5 in our new varsity women’s 8 called the Laker Legacy. This boat is easily the most comfortable boat I’ve ever rowed in my 7 years with this sport! This morning, we focused on finding a consistent balance throughout all 8 seats to glide through the water. We also focused on timing on the back end with arm and back swing in time with stroke seat. I had some strong improvements on my shoulder placement and “arms-out” timing. After practice, we freshened up and headed to downtown Clemson for a pizza lunch and smoothie bowl dessert! With satisfied stomachs, we headed to Clemson University’s geology museum. We had loads of fun checking out the luminescent minerals exhibit and taking pictures outside in the flower-filled fields. After we returned to the hotel and grabbed a quick nap, it was time for evening practice! Tonight we scrimmaged head-to-head against Clemson University’s club team. Though we suffered a pretty tough defeat, we learned a lot about how we can improve and what we need to focus on next. Personally, I’m gonna focus on maintaining a strong and tall posture even when I’m tired. Ice cream at Andees’s ice cream shop in downtown Clemson rounded out my last full day here in South Carolina! Tomorrow’s our last practice and I hope it goes well! Thanks for reading!


Aiden Miller

Today started just like the others on spring break.  I woke up early to get a nice hotel breakfast in; consisting of a questionable omelet, cereal, a bagel with peanut butter and apple butter (a personal favorite of mine), and a banana.  After scarfing down breakfast and talking with President Eliot Van Pelt I went and got ready for practice.

Practice this morning was a nice little steady state which split us varsity men into a 4+ and an 8+.  I was placed in 3 seat of the 8+ and was coxed by the celebrity coxswain Valley who did amazing :) (shout out Valley).  The weather wasn’t quite what we expected today and it was a bit warmer and sunnier out.  So I decided to row without my shirt and this caused me to burn - a lot.

After returning to the hotel I went out with some of my friends (Joe, Miles, Michael, Amelia, and Anna) to get some Sully Steamers which is a bagel sandwich place in Clemson.  I got the blonde which is basically just a turkey sandwich on a bagel.  After eating that incredibly sauced up sandwich (in like -5 seconds) we went to some shops to get some Clemson gear.  Although we settled on a Goodwill for some of the best deals around.  I got 4 shirts for $6 so that’s a huge success in my book.  

Once back to the hotel the PM practice was a bit weird since the women had to leave later because of a scrimmage.  So the men all got stuffed into vans and went off to practice.  Once again we were joined by Valley in the experimental 2V lineup and also joining us were amazing novices Connor, Sean, and Riley.  The row started off rough, but ended up turning around and ended as a better row.  So I’m looking forward to rowing with this lineup :).

Afterwards the men sped off to the dining hall to eat some pork, mashed potatoes, and mixed veggies.  Also had some ice cream and two cookies for dessert.  There was also this Oreo pudding that everyone was going crazy for, but I didn’t see the hype.  Also at dinner the winner of the talent show was announced and that was Ellie (Lil E) and her sick rap of Intergalactic by the Beastie Boys (rightfully so, that was pretty sick).

We then returned to the hotel and I played some Yukre with some teammates (I blundered that game hard).  Then I went off to Cookout with the same group as before but minus Miles.  Overall a very good day.  Loving everyday I get to spend with my friends and teammates.  Have a great day everyone :)

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