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As a club, we are very laid back and practice with dry fencing equipment. We provide the equipment to fence for anyone who cannot provide their own. This is a Foil, Sabre, and Epee club. This club is designed so that anyone who is interested in being a member is able to. We have the ability to teach beginners and to support those who already know how to Fence and wish to continue.

  • President: Alberto Castillo Jr.
  • Vice President: Elinor Harrison
  • Financial Officer: Alexander Straith
  • Public Relations: Hannah Dunaway
  • Risk Manager: 

Club E-Mail: [email protected]



Training Schedule

Dues: $10.00 per semester


Practice times: Sundays from 8:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. and Wednesdays from 10:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m.


Location: Room BH030 (combative room in the basement of the Fieldhouse)

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Grand Valley State University Wrestling Club Dominates Rivals in Spectacular Showdown at Home

In a clash that shook the rafters of the Jim Scott Wrestling Room in Allendale, Michigan, the Grand Valley State University Wrestling Club (GVSUWC) delivered a breathtaking display of dominance against their rivals from Western Michigan University. As the regular season drew to a close, these titans of the mat left nothing to chance, showcasing their grit, determination, and sheer talent in a spectacle that had fans on the edge of their seats.

From the opening bell, it was clear that GVSUWC meant business. Zach Koenig set the tone with a lightning-fast victory over Western Michigan's Luke Martin in the 125-pound championship round, igniting the crowd. Jake Aldi followed suit with a thunderous pin of Connor Steensma in just over a minute, sending shockwaves through the arena.

Under the guidance of Coach Ryan Lancaster, the GVSUWC executed their game plan flawlessly. "The wrestlers put on a great show for the fans tonight," Lancaster remarked with pride. "They left it all on the mat and showed why they're a force to be reckoned with." The intensity only grew as the matches unfolded.

Jack Sherman dominated the 157-pound division with technical fall victories against tough opponents, while Ellery Smith and Jeff Anderson secured hard-fought wins in their respective weight classes. Anthony Coleman displayed sheer dominance with a textbook technical fall victory and a lightning-quick pin, asserting GVSUWC's superiority.

Even in the face of Western Michigan's resilience, Grand Valley's Brandyn Khnanisho stood firm in the 235-pound category, securing victory and sealing GVSUWC's triumph. The Jim Scott Wrestling Room erupted in a symphony of cheers and applause as the final match concluded, signaling a resounding victory for GVSUWC.

Looking ahead to the postseason, Coach Lancaster expressed confidence in his team's abilities. "Tonight was a statement for our team. We're ready to carry this momentum into the postseason and show the world what we're made of." With their sights set on the Great Lakes Conference Championships at Bellarmine University in Kentucky, the GVSUWC is poised to leave an indelible mark on the wrestling world.

As they prepare to face their next challenges, one thing is clear: the Grand Valley State University Wrestling Club is a force to be reckoned with, and they're ready to conquer whatever comes their way.

February 26, 2024

Dominance on the Mats: GVSU Wrestling Shines at Akron Last Chance Scramble

The Grand Valley State University Wrestling Club made waves at the Akron Last Chance Scramble held on Saturday, February 17, displaying their prowess and leaving a lasting mark on the mats with remarkable performances. With a combination of skill, determination, and grit, the GVSU wrestlers showcased their dominance in various weight classes, earning victories and accolades throughout the tournament.

In the 123-pound weight class, Isobel Wharff, ranked 19th, faced a tough challenge in her opener against Slippery Rock University's Ava Nelson, ranked 4th. Despite falling short in the first round, Wharff bounced back with resilience, securing a decisive victory over Katherine Hilling from Duquesne University. Her determination and perseverance were evident as she showcased her prowess on the mat.

Maria Potrero, ranked 20th and representing GVSUWC in the 143-pound weight class, delivered a commanding performance, clinching victories in both of her matches. Potrero's technical finesse and unwavering focus propelled her to outmaneuver opponents from Duquesne University and Slippery Rock University, solidifying her position as a formidable contender in her division.

Zach Koenig, competing in the 125-pound weight class, proved to be a force to be reckoned with as he dominated his opponents from the University of Michigan with three consecutive wins. Koenig's aggressive style and superior skill set him apart on the mat, showcasing his potential as a standout wrestler for GVSUWC.

Jack Sherman, ranked fifth in the 157-pound weight class, demonstrated his mettle with back-to-back victories, showcasing strategic prowess and precise execution in his matches against opponents from Ohio State University and the University of Toledo. Sherman's impressive performance highlighted his capabilities as a top contender in his division.

In the 165-pound weight class, Ellery Smith exhibited unwavering determination and resilience despite facing formidable adversaries throughout the tournament. Though Smith encountered setbacks, his grit and sportsmanship were commendable, earning him recognition for his efforts on the mat.

Jeff Anderson represented GVSUWC in the 197-pound weight class and delivered standout performances, securing victories in both matches. Anderson's technical finesse and unwavering focus propelled him to triumph over opponents from the University of Cincinnati and the University of Akron, solidifying his position as a key player for the GVSU wrestling team.

Head coach Ryan Lancaster expressed pride in the team's performance, emphasizing their commitment to excellence and the anchored philosophy of maximizing bonus points in every match. The team's stellar performances not only earned victories but also made a statement, showcasing their talent and dedication to the sport.

Overall, the GVSU Wrestling Club's exceptional showing at the Akron Last Chance Scramble underscored their status as formidable contenders on the wrestling circuit. Their impressive performances brought pride and glory to Grand Valley State University, leaving an indelible impression on the competition and setting the stage for future success on the mats.

February 19, 2024

GVSU Men's Club Volleyball Wins the 2023 Chip Classic

On November 18th, 2023, The GVSU Men's Club Volleyball team traveled to Central Michigan University to participate in the Chip Classic. Both A and B teams competed in this tournament, both playing exceptionally great.

A team: Took home the 2023 Chip Classic Championship with a win over CMU's A team 2-0.

B team: Made it to Gold Bracket after a great round of pool play, losing a hard fought match to the runner up, CMU A team in the first round.

With B teams loss, A team had their teams back and defeated CMU's A team to win it all.


We got to ask some of the players some questions, which you can check out down below!


How did you mentally and physically prepare for the tournament?

"We mentally and physically prepared for the tournament by being consistent in practices and communicating with our coaches. It is very easy to get comfortable in practice, doing the same thing, the same routines, the same drills. Our coaches have been a vital part in asking us what we want to work on, watching our film, coming to practice prepared with different plans that help incorporate a number of skills. I think this structure has led us to improving our game immensely as well as allowing us to be comfortable in chaos. There were chaotic moments throughout the tournament but we were prepared which helped us win the tournament." - Paden Rousseau


How did you work with your team to win the tournament?

"We just made sure to communicate throughout the tournament verbally on and off the court during timeouts, between and between games. We were prepared for everything and communicating that showed." - Jacob Fiandalo


What were your guys' best strengths in the tournament?

"Our best strengths this tournament had to be our team chemistry and our ability to rally with each other. As most of our team are returners, we've had a lot of experience playing together. Our three freshman this year have also been able to fit in perfectly with the team dynamic. When any of us made a big play the rest of the team was there celebrating the moment, and when we weren't playing well our teammates were there to pick our heads up and get us back in the game. We were able to string together great runs during the games and keep positive attitudes which let us win the tournament." - Mack Tyrell


Any thoughts on your performance specifically?

"We all played well. Our hitters put balls away, blockers blocked, there was good defense, just overall a solid day. Not really any moments of worry and if there was, we cleaned it up pretty quick. Our serve receive was for the most part consistent and cover defense helped us get points off the second opportunity." - Easton Upton


What do you look forward to after the conclusion of the Chip Classic?

"After the conclusion of the Chip Classic, I look forward to growing and touching on the little things. We are not too busy the rest of the second semester in terms of tournaments and games, which gives us a lot of time to work on small things. This includes things like hitter setter connections, passing technique, and repetitive style drills. It is oftentimes something we don't get time to work on when the season schedule is busy, but it helps immensely. We also have some time off for Thanksgiving as well as opportunities to do team bonding events. I think it is important to go into the second semester rested and in good mental health too. Second semester gets busy and it is when our conference play starts. We have more tournaments and games and i think winning the Chip Classic and going into a more laid back period gives us more incentive to work harder and want to win more." - Paden Rousseau


It sounds like the men are very excited to get back to work after the Chip Classic Championship win and look forward to improving along the way. The team has done a great job this season, winning their games and staying active within the GVSU community. If you would like any more information about the Men's Club Volleyball team, visit their Instagram page (@gvmensvb) or contact GVSU Club Sports through our Instagram as well (@gvsuclubsports).

November 28, 2023

Women's Club Soccer Finishes Regionals and Looks Forward to Nationals

On the weekend of October 28-29th, the GVSU Women's Club Soccer team traveled to Lansing, Michigan to play in the Regionals Tournament. The women drew against Wisconsin 0-0 and drew against Purdue 1-1. Pool play ended up being draws all across the board as Purdue and Wisconsin drew 2-2. Because of this, semi-final advancement was determined by goal differential. Purdue scored the most goals in the pool, therefore they moved onto the semi-finals on the weekend.

Though the Lakers didn't finish as they wanted, their hard fought effort did not go unnoticed from coaches and fans!

The women's team coming off of a strong effort now look forward to Nationals. The team will fly out to Round Rock, Texas on November 15th and will hold one practice that night to get acquainted with the fields. The schedule of their games has not been released yet, but pool play is always 2 games on Thursday, November 16th, one being early in the morning and one in the afternoon. Then, the team will play one game on Friday, November 17th. These are guaranteed games to play in. If the women win their pool, whether that be by winning all 3 games, goal differential, etc., they move onto the knockout stages where they will have another game that Friday. They will continue to have games through Sunday unless they lose before then.

We got to ask some of the women questions regarding their performance at Regionals and looking forward to traveling to Nationals.


What did you think about your performance at regionals?

"I think it was better than previous years but still not adequate to win. We have been struggling to execute goals and therefore we ended with two ties one being scoreless. We have the talent but we just need to play our skill level. Not moving on based on goal differential is a big bummer." - McKenna Chestolowski, Senior, Center Mid/Forward


What are some things you know you need to work on after regionals?

"After regionals, we were disappointed not moving on further, but it gave us an opportunity to reflect and discuss what we need to improve on to get the results we want.  First, we weren't as successful building out of the back to the final third so in our practices on November 1st and 2nd our assistant coach, Alex Pastor had us running drills focused on that.  Second, our first touches were lackluster and led to constant turnaways to our opponent, so getting that technique down has been vital for us. Finally, executing in the final third and putting our shots on frame was another thing we knew we needed to work on because the better team doesn't always win, it simply is the team that scores more goals." - Nicole Miller, Junior, Center Mid


What are you guys doing as a team to prepare for nationals?

"We are preparing for nationals by conditioning lots, continuing to advance our team chemistry, and creating good offensive opportunities." - Liberty Bleicher, Senior, Center Back


What are you most looking forward to as nationals approaches?

"We are most looking forward to playing against competitive teams and showcasing our skills and talent in the national tournament." - Sophie Stevens, Junior, Forward


What is an attribute that sets this team apart from the others?

"Something that sets our team apart is our diverse personalities and the way we harmonize on and off the field. We are a family with a shared passion. We push each other to be our best, but we also know how to celebrate our victories, no matter how small, and provide support when things don’t go as planned. We also genuinely have fun together and enjoy each other’s company." - Clara North, Senior, Center Mid

November 8, 2023

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