Secondary Education

Secondary Teaching Certificate holders are qualified to teach grades 6 through 12 in major and/or minor subject areas. For initial certification, most teachable majors require students to also have a teachable minor.

Click here to see the teachable majors and minors that are offered at GVSU.

In addition to a teachable major and a teachable minor, students must also complete three pre-requisite courses: EDF 315, EDI 337, and PSY 301 before they can apply to the College of Education. Normally, students complete the majority of their degree, major, minor and pre-requisite courses before they apply to the College of Education. Once admitted into the College of Education, students complete one semester of student assisting and one semester of student teaching. Most students wait until they complete their final semester of student teaching before they graduate with their Bachelor's degree.

Students who plan to receive a Michigan teaching certificate must take the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC) in their major, minor, and endorsement(s), if applicable.

The advisors in the CLAS Academic Advising Center can help you understand the requirements for the teachable majors and minors offered in CLAS, admission to the College of Education, and teacher's certification, as well as assist you in building an academic plan. Please call us at (616) 331-8585 or stop by our office in C-1-140 Mackinac (MAK) Hall to schedule an appointment.

For information about the admission criteria for the undergraduate certification program, see the College of Education and Community Innovation's website at

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