Science Equipment Support Program

Equipment Support Program

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences understands the most efficient method to provide access to scientific equipment is to allow cross-departmental sharing of new and existing equipment.  To maintain and equip spaces for this purpose the college has established a program to help support the use of shared equipment.


The goal of this program is to help with the repair and the replacement of broken equipment.
1. Allow essential equipment to be repaired or replaced by departments.
2. Help support shared equipment in core areas used by multiple people from multiple different units.
3. Provide utilities and furniture to facilitate the use of equipment in laboratory spaces.

Approved Program Use

Review of program requests is completed by the Director of Laboratory Services.
For the approval of equipment for repair reimbursement, they must meet one or more of the following criteria.
1. The significant impact of the pedagogical practices of the department or program.
2. A Large population of students affected by the unavailability of broken equipment.
3. Multi-investigator use.

Program Guidelines

  • Departments cover the first $500 of any repair.
  • For repairs more than $500 but less than $1000, the department is required to pay the first $500 and the program will support the additional cost up to $1000
  • For repairs costing more than $1000, the department and the program will split the cost 50:50.
  • If multiple departments use equipment supported by the equipment support program, half of the repair will be shared by the departments while the other half will be picked up by the program.   

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