Mathematica at Grand Valley State University

Wolfram Mathematica 13

Computer Labs with Mathematica

All of the computer labs that are on the Grand Valley State University network have Mathematica installed on them.  To find it on these computers:

  1. Click on the Lab Applications folder on the Desktop.
  2. Scroll down to and open the Statistics folder.
  3. Launch Mathematica 13.3 by double clicking on the icon.

How to Get Mathematica

Mathematica can be installed on:

  • On-Campus office/research computers

  • Faculty, Staff or Student personal computers

In an effort to make Mathematica more accessible to our users, we've implemented single sign-on (SSO).  In order to get access to our site license, you'll need to do the following:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter in your GVSU email address.  You'll be redirected to our SSO page.
  3. Enter your username and password.

After logging in, you'll be able to download the correct version of Mathematica for your OS.

Are you interested in putting Mathematica elsewhere? Please let Zach Hancock or Caleigh Mullane at Wolfram Research know.

Mathematica Tutorials

The first two tutorials are excellent for new users, and can be assigned to students as homework to learn Mathematica outside of class time.

  • Hands-on Start to Mathematica
    Follow along in Mathematica as you watch this multi-part screencast that teaches you the basics—how to create your first notebook, calculations, visualizations, interactive examples, and more.

  • What's New in Mathematica
    Provides examples to help you get started with new functionality in Mathematica 10, including machine learning, computational geometry, geographic computation, and device connectivity.

  • How To Topics
    Access step-by-step instructions ranging from how to create animations to basic syntax information.

  • Learning Center
    Search Wolfram's large collection of materials for example calculations or tutorials in your field of interest.

Teaching with Mathematica

Mathematica offers an interactive classroom experience that helps students explore and grasp concepts, plus gives faculty the tools they need to easily create supporting course materials, assignments, and presentations.

Resources for educators

  • How To Create a Lecture Slideshow—Video tutorial
    Learn how to create a slideshow for class that shows a mixture of graphics, calculations, and nicely formatted text, with live calculations or animations.
  • Wolfram Demonstrations Project
    Download pre-built, open-code examples from a daily-growing collection of interactive visualizations, spanning a remarkable range of topics.

Research with Mathematica

Resources for researchers

Page last modified October 30, 2023