Referrals to CCPS Undergraduate Academic Programs

When working with students interested in any CCPS major or minor program of study, we ask that you review the CCPS resources available below to provide the most up to date information. 

Best Practices for Referrals

  • The BSW Program is a secondary admit program. The program begins each fall and is intended as a 2-year, full time program. Please encourage students to meet with CCPS Advising as soon as possible to review candidacy and application timelines.
  • View the advising guides we have developed to help students review what is necessary to complete a degree in one of the CCPS programs. The major worksheets also include a section which details minor requirements if a student is interested in adding a minor in one of our program areas.
  • If a student decides on a CCPS major or minor while meeting with you, please help them declare it through Banner so they receive communication from an advisor and an invitation to come in and talk with us.
  • If you have a question or concern while working with a student, please call us at (616) 331-6890 or send us an email to
  • Help students schedule an appointment with a CCPS Academic Advisor. You have 24/7 access through our online Appointment Management System.

Help a Student Schedule an Appointment  

Issue an Alert

The advising center encourages CCPS faculty to voluntarily refer a student who may be struggling with attendance or other academic concerns. You can do so by Issuing an Alert through EAB - Navigate. Detailed instructions are available one the EAB - Navigate homepage: under "Resources".

If you are concerned for a student's health or safety, or for other personal concerns, please use the CARE report below, managed by the Dean of Students Office.

Additional Resources