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2019-2020 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog

Master of Public Health

M.P.H. Curriculum

Emphasis Area:

M.P.H. students will choose one of two available emphasis options to complement the core curriculum courses. Please note: some electives may not be offered within a student's planned time to degree.

Epidemiology (Credits 21)

Core courses: (Credits: 15)

Elective courses: (Credits: 6)

Health Promotion (Credits: 21)

Core courses: (Credits: 15)

Elective courses: (Credits: 9)

Explanation of the Emphasis Options


Epidemiology emphasis prepares students to describe quantitative trends in health and disease for populations, with application in the biological, environmental, behavioral, and social sciences. Epidemiology specialty allows professionals to collaborate with multidisciplinary teams of health professionals, such as physicians, laboratory scientists, exercise physiologists, nutritionists, statisticians, veterinarians, and behavioral scientists.

Health Promotion

Health promotion emphasis prepares students to be public health leaders who can design, implement, advocate for, and evaluate efforts to promote healthy behaviors and social conditions for specific populations. Health promotion allows students to use social science theories and individual, community, and policy-based intervention strategies.

Additional courses required by all M.P.H. candidates:

Total Program : 51 to 54 Credits Program Description: Click here for the program description.

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