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2019-2020 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog

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Entire Catalog
The search will look for the keyword or phrase throughout the entire catalog.

This filter will bring you to a list of the academic colleges at GVSU and their information.

Content and Navigation
This filter brings you to information in the catalog regarding the academic calendar, academic regulations and policies, financial aid, admissions, directories, glossary of terms, etc.

Course Filters
If any course has an additional filter on it, you will be able to search for them here.

This is a list of all the current courses GVSU offers.

Degree Types
This is a list of all of the degree types GVSU offers.

Program Acronyms
This is a list of all academic programs with their acronym.

Program Descriptions
This is a list of all program descriptions for the academic programs GVSU offers.

Program Emphases
This is a list of all of the program emphases with their acronym that GVSU offers.

Program Requirements
This is a list of all of the academic programs and the program specific requirements GVSU offers.

Program Types
This is a list of the program types GVSU offers.

This is a list of all the course subjects and their acronyms.

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