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2019-2020 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog

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Bachelor of Arts in Music

The B.A. degree provides a course of study for students interested in a liberal arts degree with a major in music. This degree, with its foreign language component, offers an appropriate background for prospective advanced-degree candidates who are preparing for careers in composition, technology, music history, music theory, jazz studies, library science, or independent studio teaching. It also works well for students who want to study music but are aiming at careers in other fields, and for students with double majors. There is sufficient flexibility within the B.A. to provide an opportunity for acquisition of those skills that are necessary in the current technological environment. The culmination event of the B.A. is a senior project planned and carried out with the help of a faculty advisor. Students electing a B.A. in music must complete a minimum of 41 credit hours in music, planned with the approval of a faculty advisor in the department.

MUS Credit Requirement: 40 to 41

Requirements for a Major in Music

Major Ensembles (Credits: 4)

Choose from the following. Each can be taken more than once for credit.

Applied Music (Credits: 4)

Music Theory (Credits: 15)

Keyboard Musicianship (Credits: 2)

Aural Perception and Sight Singing (Credits: 2)

Music Literature (Credits: 6)

Music Electives (Credits: 6)

Choose from the following:

Final Project

Suggested Order of Coursework for a Major in Music

Freshman Year - Fall

Freshman Year - Winter

Sophomore Year - Fall

Sophomore Year - Winter

Junior Year - Fall

Junior Year - Winter

Senior Year - Fall

  • Music electives Credits: 3

Senior Year - Winter

Music Program Description

Click here for the program description.

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