Food Allergies Quick Guide

Meet with the Laker Food Co. Registered Dietitian 

  • Free, one-on-one consultations 
  • Create a personalized allergen management plan 
  • Meet via phone, email, zoom or in-person
  • Tour Laker Food Co. locations and meet the managers to ask specific questions
  • Receive ongoing support to successfully manage your dietary needs on campus

True Balance Inside The Dish

  • All-you-care-to-eat station that is allergen friendly and does not have any of the top 9 allergens.
  • This station has separate prep space, cooking equipment, dishwasher and utensils to reduce the risk of cross contact.

Menus & Nutrition

View menus at restaurants online or ask to see one at the location.

You Can...

  • Inform staff about your food allergy
  • Avoid foods containing allergens
  • Ask about nutrition labels for specific ingredient info

We Will...

  • Wash hands and change gloves
  • Use fresh, sanitized utensils and cooking equipment
  • Wipe down the station and surrounding area


  • Connect with Disability Support Resources at [email protected] 
  • Check out the Laker Food Co. Allergen Guide


Who can help me manage my food allergy on campus?

Laker Food Co. Registered Dietitian Alyssa Koopman, MS, RDN 

[email protected]  616-331-8989

What's most important for me to know?

Laker Food Co. uses manufacturer-provided ingredient info and does not confirm the presence or lack of an allergen. Periodically ingredients are reviewed to verify ingredient labeling is consistent with what is provided by the manufacturer. However, be advised that ingredients listed may be subject to change without notification and that products prepared in GV kitchens may have come in contact with common food allergens.

Should I carry my EpiPen or AUVI-Q with me? 

Yes. Due to the self-serve nature of many dining locations, if you have a prescribed EpiPen or AUVI-Q, be sure to carry it with you at all times.

Is there anywhere on campus that's allergen free?

No. Precautions are taken to avoid cross-contact, but there is no guarantee. 

Should I be worried about managing my food allergy?

No. Connecting with the resources available on campus to get the support you need is the best first step toward a great Laker dining experience.

Page last modified May 8, 2024