Meal How-To Guide

Access your Meals and Dining Dollars with the barcode on the back of your Student ID. Weekly Meal Plans can use up to 4 Meals a day. Semester Meal Plans can use meals at their discretion. 

How To Use Your Plan

Meals can be used to eat at the all inclusive Fresh Food Co. or The Dish
Meals can be used to purchase Combo Meals at: 

  • Kleiner Market 
  • Crave
  • Fusion
  • Engrained
  • Campus C-Store
  • Plaza Cafe* 
  • Seidman Cafe*
  • Erbert & Gerbert's*'
    *Pew Campus 

Look for the Meal logo at each station to see Combo Meal options. 

Dining Dollars can be used at any on-campus location at any time. 

Einstein's Brothers Bagels Co., Bento, and Starbucks only accept Dining Dollars, credit/debit.

Meal Icon

Campus Dish App

Check Meal/Dining Dollar balances on the go using the My GV app. 

Available on the App Store and Google Play

Things To Know


Download the app to order and pay for food directly from your phone. Pick up your order with no wait time! 

Morning Fix Combo


Choose one: Pastry, Cereal, Oatmeal, Pop Tart or Breakfast Bar 

Choose one: Whole fruit, Yogurt, or Greek Yogurt 

Choose One: 12 oz Brewed Coffee, 16 oz Milk or Juice 

Available at C-Stores, Seidman Cafe, and Lobby Shop.

Fresh To- Go

In a rush? Purchase a reusable Fresh to-go box (one time fee) to take your meal out. 


Whole grains icon

For menu items that contain Whole Grains as the leading ingredient. 

Eat Well Icon

Items that contain at least 1 full serving of wholesome foods: lower in calories and saturated fat and no high sodium items. 

Vegetarian Icon
Vegan Icon

Indicates vegan or vegetarian options. Look for these in dining locations. See the Vegan and Vegetarian Guide.

The Laker Food Co. Registered Dietitian is available for free one-on-one consultations. 

Page last modified March 3, 2023