Travel and Expense Management

Expense reports must be submitted and approved by Supervisors by 12/6 IN CONCUR in order to be paid in 2023.  After 12/6 any previous expense will not be able to be reconciled in Concur or transferred to Workday.  Charges not reconciled and approved by 12/6 will be charged against their Division’s Reserve. 

P-card transactions/expenses after 12/6 should be for emergency use only to minimize the number of expense reports being held/submitted in Workday after go-live.  Please plan ahead.  Any new transactions/expenses after 12/6 will be held and submitted IN WORKDAY after go-live.


Suspension Date

Activities to be temporarily suspended

Dec. 6, 2023 - Dec. 31, 2023

P Card Charges 
P Card usage in December should be as minimal as possible. Card transactions will not feed into Concur after 12/6 and will be held to be fed into Workday in January. 

Charges posted to your card until December 6 should be reconciled in Concur as soon as possible. Charges posted to your card after 12/6 will need to be reconciled on an Expense Report in Workday in January. 

We encourage you to complete all transactions using a P Card in November to minimize the number of transactions to be completed within Workday in January.

Dec. 6, 2023 – Dec. 31, 2023 

Expense Report Submission/Approval 

Dec. 15, 2023 – Dec. 31, 2023 

Travel / Cash Advances and Reconciliations 

TBD Dec. 2023 

Travel Bookings 

Other Key Suspension Dates

Workday Key Dates

A number of personnel and financial processes will be suspended in advance of the Workday going live in January. To view all key dates relating to the Workday transition, visit the Workday Key Dates webpage.

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For Concur access, please contact your Divisional Concur Administrator

Log Into Concur 

For Concur login related issues, please contact [email protected]

If you are not familiar with Concur reimbursement submission, please visit our training page

If you have questions about Expenses, please visit our Expense FAQ page 

If you have questions about Travel, please visit our Travel FAQ page

GVSU Contacts for Travel and Expense Questions

Concur Expense Reports:


Booking Travel with Concur / CTM Travel Agent:

Concur System Administrator:


Purchasing & Declining Balance Cards:             

♦♦♦ NOTICE: Mileage Reimbursements changed to $0.655 per mile, effective January 1, 2023♦♦♦ 

Travel & Expense Resources

International Travel

Payment Options

Preferred Travel Payment Options:

  • Pcard: Intended for use if traveling more than twice a year or spending University funds regularly.  The cardholder should be used for all purchases and travel, including meals. Request a Pcard   
  • Declining Balance Card: Intended for access to cash and for one time use travel and expenses when an individual does not have a Pcard or personal funds.  Request a Declining Balance Debit Card  
  • Personal Funds should only be used if an individual is not eligible for a Pcard. 


Cash Advances will be very rarely handed out and will need to be authorized in advance by the Business Office with reasoning as to why one of the options below are not feasible. Please contact the Travel Team if you need to request an advance.
Travel advance requests in the form of a SVDC or Cash, along with the necessary forms can be found in section 311 of the Business & Finance Procedures.  

Sample of completed Advance Request/Reimbursement forms when Expenses exceed Advance.
Sample of completed Advance Request/Reimbursement forms when you have funds remaining after trip.


Travel Expense Direct Deposit Setup Form 
Note: This is Separate from Payroll Direct Deposit
You will need to log in to the secure access page (with your network ID & password) for this form.

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