Business and Finance Procedures

301     New Fund Request
           Request to Add a New Fund (RANF Form) Printable/Fillable PDF File                                                                                                                                                                                                         Request to Add a New Fund (RANF form) GRANTS Printable/Fillable PDF File

301.1  Request to Add A New Organization (Org) Code
           Request to Add a New Org (RANO Form) Printable/Fillable PDF File

303     Returned Employee Checks

304     Purchasing Procedures

305     Payment to Human Participants Procedures & Forms
305.1  Gift Cards/Gift Certificates Procedures

307     Transfer Request Procedures (Budget and Expense)
           Budget & Expense Transfer Request Instructions

308     Check Request Procedures

           Travel Policy (SLT 6.18)
310     Travel & Expense Procedure related to SLT Policy 6.18 Effective May 16 ,2022
           Travel and Expense Reimbursement Forms

311     Travel Advance Request
           Travel Advance Request Form: Printable PDF file OR Excel file to fill out and print

311.1 Travel Advance Reconciliations

313     Table of Standard Mileage

319     Office Supply Purchasing

320     Copy Services

330     Department Dining Cards

340     GVSU Fraud Statement


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