History of GVSU Transportation


  • Service contract with DADD's to provide shuttle between Allendale Campus and Eberhard Center from August 1997 through 2000. Average GVSU ridership around 40,000/year.


  • May 2000 - Signed bus service contract with GRATA; in addition, GVSU students able to ride all GRATA routes for free with student ID
  • August 2000 - DeVos Center opens
  • August 2000 - Route 50 begins service between Allendale and Grand Rapids campuses. Offered service Monday through Friday while classes in session. Originally called the "Laker Express".
  • August 2000 - Route 37 Off-Campus Apartment 6-week trial begins using cut-away (small) bus. Hourly service from 7:30a - 6:30p Monday through Friday. Nine stops: GVSU Kirkhof Center, Forest Ridge Apts, High Tree Apts, Boltwood Apts, Campus West Apts, Country Place (2 stops), and Campus View (2 stops). Trial successful and route continued.
  • October 2000 - GRATA changes name to ITP/The Rapid


  • June 2001 - GVSU ridership reaches 98,000 for the 2000-2001 fiscal year.
  • August 2001 - Rivertown Shuttle begins: Saturday service from 7:00am to 2:00am; eventually becomes known as Weekend Connector


  • August 2003 - Cook-DeVos Center for Health Sciences opens; limited parking (no student parking)
  • August 2003 - Route 51 CHS Express service begins; GVSU supplements DASH shuttle to meet class schedules and building hours needs.


  • June 2004 - GVSU ridership reaches 500,000 for the 2003-2004 fiscal year
  • July 2004 - Student parking fee implemented
  • August 2004 - Seward Parking Ramp opens, offering additional parking for students (no faculty/staff parking permitted)


  • February 2005 - Weekend Connector service doubles, adding another bus between noon and 2:00am and adding stop at Central Station.
  • September - November 2005 - "Allendale Express" shuttle trial begins; paid for by 1/3 Student Senate, 1/3 GVSU; 1/3 Allendale Township. Low ridership did not warrant continued funding so route was terminated.


  • June 2006 - GVSU ridership reaches One Million for the 2005-2006 fiscal year


  • September 2007 - Route 48 South Off-Campus begins due to high ridership on the Route 37. Services apartments on loop from West Campus Dr., 48th Ave., Pierce St., and South Campus Dr.


  • August 2008 - GVSU attempts to expand Route 38 to include apartments and businesses on 48th Ave. north of Lake Michigan Dr. Property owners prohibited buses from traveling on drives to turn around, forcing GVSU to discontinue expansion after one month.
  • August 2008 - GVSU contracts with GreenRide for carpool matching for a 2-year period. Available for entire GVSU community.
  • September 2008 - "GVSU Bus System" Facebook page is created.


  • June 2009 - GVSU ridership reaches Two Million for the 2008-2009 fiscal year.


  • March 2011 - "GVSUBus" Twitter page is created.
  • August 2011 - Bike Rental Program begins. Distributed 23 bikes to GVSU students, which were refurbished bikes from GVSU police impound.
  • August 2011 - Faculty/Staff rideshare matching tool goes live on Transportation website. Interface created internally by GVSU webteam.


  • January 2012 - Route 50 service to Rapid Central Station begins with buses after 6:00pm weekdays. Due to millage passing in May of 2011 for Transit Master Plan.
  • August 2012 - All-day Route 50 service to Rapid Central Station.
  • October 2012 - Enterprise WeCar car-sharing begins with 2 cars available on Allendale campus. Our program is the first WeCar program to be offered in Michigan.
  • October 2012 - GreenRide contract renewed and again available for GVSU students, faculty and staff.


  • February 2013 - "GVSUBus" Instagram account is created.
  • September 2013 - Laker Line Study begins for Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) service along the Lake Michigan Drive corridor from downtown Grand Rapids to the Allendale Campus of Grand Valley State University. Study to last through December 2014.


  • August 2014 - Ownership of Bike Rental Program transferred to the Outdoor Adventure Center.


  • August 2015 - Route changes for Routes 50 and 51. Route 50 realigned to proposed Laker Line routing, allowing for direct service (no transfers) from Allendale campus to Cook-DeVos Center for Health Sciences (CHS). Route 51 no longer GVSU-affiliated or serving CHS. New routing does not go directly to Central Station, although there are multiple opportunities along Route 50 to transfer.


  • February 2016 - Laker Line BRT submitted for federal funding. Final design and engineering phase begins.


  • July 2017 - Enterprise CarShare program discontinued on GVSU campus.


  • February 2018 - Laker Line BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) approved for funding by federal government. Route expected to be in service by August 2020.

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