Directions - GVSU Allendale / Pew

GVSU Allendale Campus to the GVSU Pew Campus:
1. Get on the Eastbound Laker Line (Route LL) at a stop located at Kirkhof Center or Mackinac Hall.
2. Get off the bus at the GVSU Pew Station, on Fulton at Mt Vernon, under US-131. 
3. When you're exiting the bus go right to crosswalk. Head south/left to get to Seidman and Bicycle Factory. Head north to Front (then right at Front) to get to the Eberhard Center, Kennedy or Keller Hall of Engineering; go west/left at Front to get to the DeVos Center and Seward Parking Ramp.

GVSU Pew Campus to the GVSU Allendale Campus:
1. From the GVSU Pew Campus, get on the Westbound Laker Line (Route LL) at bus stop located on Fulton at Mt Vernon, under US-131.
2. Get off the bus at the GVSU Allendale Campus at Mackinac Hall or Kirkhof Center.


Page last modified October 27, 2020