2018-19 RCN Application

The 2018-19 Regional Collaborative Network Application is now available. The application is due June 22, 2018. Please see the RCN Contract Spending Guidelines for allowable and non-allowable expenses.

If you have any questions, or need assistance, please contact your START RCN Representative or Jana Benjamin, (616) 331-6482. Thank you for your leadership and everything you do to improve supports for students with ASD in Michigan.

RCN Report Forms '17-18

START requires one Contract Worksheet and Two Yearly Reports:

  1. RCN Contract Requirements Worksheet - This worksheet provides a summary of the priorities for the year for each goal area. This will provide us with information about your plans for the year and it can guide your review of priorities throughout the school year. Note: This document is available in two versions: one for Single-county RCN and one for Multiple-county RCN. You only need to complete the version that is appropriate for your RCN.
  2. Mid-Year - Both a Narrative and a Financial Expenditure Report with an Invoice for Expenditures to date (expenses only, no advanced funding).
    • Due Date: February 2, 2018
  3. End of the School/Contract Year - Both a Narrative and a Financial Expenditure Report with an Invoice for all Expenditures not Reimbursed to date.
    • Due Date: July 13, 2018

Mid-Year and End of Year Reports must include the following:

  • Narrative Report
  • Financial Expenditure Report 
  • K-12 Target Student Reporting Form
  • BYF Target Student Reporting Form
  • Capacity Building Tool
  • Peer to Peer Programs Data Log
  • Training Reports
  • EPLI Trainer Reports

Reporting Forms

Please send your Mid Year and End of Year Narrative Report & Financial Expenditure Report with an invoice as an email attachment to the autismedcenter@gmail.com. If you have questions about the report, please contact Jana Benjamin at benjamj1@gvsu.edu or contact your START RCN representative.

RCN Meeting Tools

RCN Pacing Guide: This is a schedule to help guide you through the RCN Contract year. It includes important activities, data collection, and reporting by month.

RCN Standalone Trainings for START Website

Each RCN should submit at least one RCN-provided stand-alone training per semester using START content delivered by START EPLI trainers. The training will be included in the events listing on the START Events page, and should be open to the RCN and the broader region, including families and community partners. A fee may be charged to attendees from outside the RCN to cover the cost of materials and food. The RCN may reserve a specified number of registrations for participants within their RCN. 

Please submit your standalone trainings here

Questions? Contact your START RCN Representative or the START Office: autismed@gvsu.edu 


Page last modified May 22, 2018