Peer to Peer Logo & Marketing

We are excited to share with you a statewide Peer to Peer (P2P) Support logo. Having a statewide logo can promote a sense of community for peers and students with ASD around the state. We would like to use the Peer to Peer program logo to promote Peer to Peer Support programs as an evidence-based practice for students with ASD.

The Peer to Peer logo can be used to promote Peer to Peer programs in your districts. Use the logo for your events notifications, permission slips, t-shirts, pens - anywhere that you promote your program. If you have created your own LINK logo or t-shirts, you can use your own logo and the START P2P logo together (e.g. front and back of a t-shirt).


Peer to Peer Logo

The Peer to Peer logo has been created in different versions including a color and a black version, and versions with and without a tagline:

Marketing & Media

We encourage you to maximize your Peer to Peer program by promoting your accomplishments with the public. In the following Media Kit, we have prepared templates for you to personalize and instructions on how to best disseminate them to the public.

Page last modified September 19, 2022