The Passport is a guide to assist families and school personnel in ensuring that typical grade-appropriate opportunities are provided for students with ASD.

  • How does the Passport work?
    • For each grade level, there are two examples of home and school expectations. These expectations describe activities, opportunities, or skills that are typical of students at a particular grade-level. There is also a blank area to select another alternative. Both the school and family should maintain separate copies of the Passport, and update both versions as they meet for the IEP, or to review goal progress. This is to ensure typical grade-level experiences occur for the student with ASD.
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Other Versions of the Passport

Spanish Passport

Arabic Passport

Student with an IEP Passport

Tools to support the Passport

The following tools help support the purpose and use of the START Passport. The documents and templates are downloadable for modification and individualization. 

Passport Overview Webinar (9:47):
Provides an overview and examples of using the Passport.

Task Analysis (8:11):
Covers how to set up a task analysis with examples provided. 

RCN Passport Order Form

Passports can be ordered by using the RCN Passport Order Form. Passports will be delivered to RCN meetings. If delivery to the meetings is not possible, START will ship the Passports. If you are interested in ordering more than 100 of one of the Passports or if you have any questions, please contact the START office before filling out this form.

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