Classroom Environment and Teaching Assessment (CETA)

Interview about the CETA: Utilizing the Tool

The Classroom Environment and Teaching Assessment (CETA) tool assesses the implementation of evidence-based classroom practices that provide a solid foundation for learning for students with ASD:

The CETA is a tool that may be used to proactively explore practices in classrooms of all types and identify ways to enhance the teaching environment for all students in all communities, especially those with higher support needs. The goal is to ensure all students are supported so they can make progress in the Least Restrictive Environment. School teams are encouraged to use the tool as part of a collaborative process for identifying strengths and priorities for further development. A combination of information may be integrated with the CETA to set priorities and monitor progress toward goals. The CETA may also be used by a teacher to identify focus areas to build up practices to promote a positive, successful learning environment. The CETA is a priority setting and progress monitoring tool and is not intended as a teacher evaluation tool, nor should it be the sole source of data for decision-making.

Benefits of the CETA:

  • Proactive and preventative approach to establishing effective classroom practices.
  • Improves the classroom environment for all students.
  • Aligns with evidence-based practices.
  • Established, effective practices improve access to the least restrictive environment. 
  • Collaborative tool for teaming and decision making through objective discussion of classroom practices.
  • Decreases the need for higher resource practices such as functional behavior assessments.
  • Used by school staff to set professional development goals to enhance implementation of classroom practices.


Adapted Tool for Virtual Learning

CETA-ROR Introduction Video

Classroom Environment and Teaching Assessment - Revised for Online and Remote (CETA-ROR)

The CETA-ROR was developed during the COVID-19 pandemic to support virtual learning settings.

The CETA-ROR is a coaching tool that encompasses the CETA and adds assessment for not only the classroom but online and remote settings where children may currently be learning. In addition, each of the 7 sections contains resources, videos, and visuals to be used as training and learning tools once the collaborative process of assessment has kicked off. The tool is not intended as a teacher or guardian evaluation tool nor should it be the sole source of data for classroom assessment or decision-making. A combination of information including progress monitoring of IEPs, other program assessment tools, and program outcome data are recommended for a comprehensive review and goal setting.

The CETA-ROR resources and tools are available in two formats:

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