Former Members

Preyan Choudhuri, Marketing Specialist


Preyan Choudhuri completed her MS in Marketing from Texas A&M University. Prior to coming to the U.S. for her higher studies, she attained her BBA with dual major in Finance and International Business from Bangladesh.

As the Health Sciences & Engineering Marketing Specialist, she played a leading role in the development and management of aMDI's marketing strategies and plans, focused on the objectives of building a cohesive messaging and market positioning strategy, strengthening the institute's brand in the health sciences sector and generating awareness and prospective clients. She functioned across multiple disciplines, including digital marketing, content/ thought leadership creation, product development, public relations, event marketing and client marketing assistance for, both, applied Medical Device Institute and Padnos College of Engineering and Computing.

Jonathon Vinsko, Electrical and Software Engineer


Jon Vinsko participated in GVSU's Articulated Bachelor Master Program and graduated with, both, a Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, in Fall 2018.

He was a former employee at Twisthink in Holland. He specializes in software, namely Python, C, and C++. At aMDI, he worked with embedded systems, including software and PCB designs. He plans to pursue the field of Artificial Intelligence with his degrees. His thesis was in the field of Machine Learning. In his free time, he enjoys working on his computer that he built and gaming with it. He was also the president of GVSU's Ski and Snowboard team after being on it for five years.

Featured Team Member of July 2018

Jacob Gonser, Software Development Intern


Jacob Gonser graduated from Grand Valley School of Computing and Information Systems in Fall 2018. Jacob has experience in software programming in Java and C++ and is familiar with Python and SQL.

At aMDI, he used to work on Internal Research and Development, as well as, Data Consolidation. In his free time, Jacob enjoys playing soccer, movie critiquing with his friends, and gaming.

Featured Team Member of September 2018

Kevin Weaver, Engineer


Kevin Weaver is a graduate of the Grand Valley Padnos School of Engineering. Graduating in 2016 underneath Dr. Brent Nowak, he completed his degree in the development of signal analysis and processing tools. He began working at aMDI shortly afterwards, taking on the responsibilities of organizing the lab space, managing the working hours of other new hires, set-up and maintenance of the website, and principle engineer for several ongoing projects.

Kevin Weaver has experience in several areas of industry as well as academia. Underneath Dr. Tao Yang of Van Andel Research Institute, Kevin was the principle engineer of operations for the force transducer in the bone and tumor metastasis lab. He was the lead of operations in the use of the micro-CT machine, using the data gathered to perform engineering calculations on mice bones. These calculations predicted the mechanical properties of various mice line bones, showing phenotypical changes in mice brought on by genetic alterations.

Maruf Hossain, Mechanical Engineer


Maruf Hossain is from Bangladesh and completed his bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology. At present, he is pursuing a master's in Mechanical Engineering at Grand Valley State University.

As an engineer, he is inclined towards designing conceptual products into functional prototypes as a part of product design. His Computer Aided Manufacturing skills can be effectively used in the product development phase where, often, constraints are very strict. He joined aMDI as a Graduate Research Assistant on January, 2017, and worked as a Mechanical Engineering Intern during the summer of 2017. Maruf worked on projects requiring 3D modeling designs, rapid prototyping & testing at aMDI, and attended client meetings as the projects progressed towards completion.

Andrew Heuerman, Business Graduate


Andrew Heuerman, a graduate of Grand Valley State University with a Bachelor's in Clinical Exercise Science along with an added curriculum of entrepreneurship. His responsibilities at aMDI involved the collection and analysis of business and sales models for various products developed and researched for development. He also was concerned with generating and improving business charts for future production of products. 

While studying at Grand Valley State University he competed on the Men’s Varsity tennis team for all four years, named team Co-captain for two years and individual team captain his Senior year. Andrew worked on a student lead entrepreneurship team developing an external female urinary device collector for the past year and a half. During this time he competed in the business pitch competitions MWest as well as TCU Values and Ventures national business pitch competition where his team earned 4th place.

Joseph Kissling, Engineer


Joseph Kissling graduated from the University of Texas with a Master's in Mechanical Engineering and Minor in Geology. He furthered his education underneath Brent Nowak, Ph.D, at Grand Valley State University, currently working on defending his Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering. 

Joseph has worked on many projects in the past involving the research, design, and fabrication of many different tools and devices both in mechanical and biomedical areas, for clients ranging from GVSU to the DoD. These projects have given him an exceptional knowledge base in rapid prototyping, SolidWorks design, Matlab coding, Machining, and data analysis. His current project is his Masters thesis, where the goal is to augment astronaut gloves using a robotic exoskeleton. The work involves creating a mathematical model as well as construction of the actual system. He is also working on a machine vision project for Surge Cardiovascular to aid in manufacturing and a controller for Michigan Instruments to help test a prototype machine for CPR.

Dayna McIntyre, Engineering Student


Dayna McIntyre is a graduate of Grand Valley State University, where she studied mechanical engineering. On semesters that she did not take classes full time, she worked full time as a Manufacturing and Project Engineer at Vention Medical, a global contract manufacturing company for medical devices.

Main responsibilities included assisting with production support and process improvement projects, drafting component / process specifications and protocols, building product prototypes or samples, performing product testing, gathering data and analysis, contributing to process equipment design and installation as well as new product launches. In the fall of 2016 Dayna will also conducted research alongside Amy Lenz regarding the understanding and improvement of socket design for trans tibial amputees. Here, Dayna's main responsibility was accurately modeling the portion of the leg and the associated loading in FEBio in order to better understand the stresses and strains a leg undergoes in current prosthetic designs.

Alyssa Schaefbauer, Engineer


Alyssa Schaefbauer graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelor's of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Following her graduation, she chose to continue her education at Grand Valley School of Engineering for a Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Though a student, she also took on the role of mentor to several students through her Graduate Assistance work.

Alyssa has experience working on multiple projects across her academic career. Notable examples include SolidWorks modeling and redrawing of existing schedules, part fabrication using milling, CNC, and lathe controls. Of particular note is her Senior Design project, done in collaboration with NASA engineers through the Texas Space Grant Consortium. She led a team of undergraduate engineers to build a lumbar therapy device through design, fabrication, and testing. The project was a success, leading to recognition across the state and above other competing schools in Texas. This was furthered with collaboration with business students for entrepreneurial opportunities. 

Brooks Schaefer, Engineer


Brooks graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) where he received his bachelors of science in mechanical engineering. Upon graduation he moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan to attend Grand Valley State University (GVSU) and completed his masters in mechanical engineering.

His first position in the engineering field was as a research assistant for UTSA in the Robotics and Intelligent Machines Laboratory. This lab developed a multitude of biomedical device prototypes to convey the foundation of project proposals. His first position, outside of research, was as an intern for InCube Labs in San Antonio. InCube Labs is a startup company for biomedical devices where he converted hand drawn designs to CAD drawings in SolidWorks. He also spent extensive time in the machine shop fabricating small parts out of titanium and stainless steel with a manual mill and lathe at high tolerances. After moving to Grand Rapids, he began working for GVSU as a graduate teaching assistant and would keep this position until his graduation. He found additional employment at OrthoForge, LLC as the Project Manager in Engineering for the prototype development of a device which aids in bone restoration. Concurrently, he was hired as an engineering consultant through NRG, LLC where he conducted product research and development for biomedical devices. He also began a small company with a fellow mechanical engineering student called Angel Arms, LLC. This company is based on a product designed to passively aid children with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) by supporting their arms and increasing their range of motion.

Pranav Sreedharan Veliyara, Image Processing Engineer


Pranav graduated from Amrita University (AU), India, with a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering. He then completed his master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering at Grand Valley.

Pranav was an image processing engineer at aMDI. His fields of interest are digital signal processing, image processing, and electronic circuit designing. His thesis, ‘Visualization of cardiac excitation and PVC arrhythmia on a 3D heart model’ was a totally new approach to visualize the cardiac potential movement along a set of conduction pathways. Over the years, he was also involved in various sensor based medical device design and embedded system projects. Apart from the projects and research at GVSU, he has 2 years of research experience at Humanitarian Technology Lab, AU where he worked on various motor controlled device design projects. During the course of the education at AU and GVSU, he developed a strong set of expertise in various microcontroller programming, analog and digital circuit designing, PCB layout, MATLAB programming, C programming and digital signal processing.

Maxwell Granitz, Social Media Intern

Maxwell Granitz

Maxwell Granitz is an undergraduate student at Grand Valley State University. He is currently pursuing his Bachelor's Degree in Writing. Graduating in April, Maxwell plans to move to New York City, and work full-time while studying for his GRE. Maxwell specializes in professional communication, graphic and web design, and social media management. In his free time, Maxwell is active in the performing arts and LGBTQ+ advocacy.

His responsibilities at aMDI included maintaining the Institute's social media accounts and website.

Janis Coleman-Plouff, Office Coordinator


Janis has more than 10 years of project management, office management, event coordination, customer service and clerical experience in higher education and corporate environments. She has supported executive offices and faculty leadership groups at several universities, including Grand Valley State University, Michigan Technological University, and Northern Michigan University. Coleman-Plouff has also had project management, data analyst, and customer support roles at industrial and for-profit organizations including Attwood Corporation, Farmers Insurance, and Quality Resource Group.

Rachel Welscott, High School Intern


Rachel Welscott  worked at the aMDI in her senior year at Grandville High School as an intern. She now attends Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN with a major in biomedical engineering and a minor in engineering management. Her goal is to attain a Master's degree in biomedical engineering. In nine years, Rachel wants to be working at a prosthetic design company, or to be working on devices to improve the lives of individuals with disabilities. Rachel has worked with an organization called Go, Baby, Go where she designed and adapted toy ride-along cars for kids with disabilities. 

Her main responsibilities at aMDI included assisting with experiments, testing, and researching. She also helped to brainstorm and design 3D models to improve testing efficiency and accuracy on SolidWorks. 

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