Featured Team Member of the Month - February 2019

Noah Keefer, Product Design and Manufacturing Engineer


Major and expected date of graduation:

My major is Product Design and Manufacturing Engineering. I expect to graduate in the summer of 2020.

How did you find out about aMDI?

I used to work in the GVSU engineering building’s machine shop as a student worker. I met Dr. Nowak there who brought me onto the aMDI team for my machining skills.

What made you want to join?

When I enrolled into the engineering school, I had an interest in Biomedical Engineering. I did not really know what Biomedical Engineering entails and figured aMDI would be a good starting point to make my way into the field and gain some experience. The projects that aMDI works on are wide in variety, interesting, and challenging.

Role at aMDI:

I design various mechanical devices and simulations for applicable projects. This involves researching topics, using CAD and FEA software, and lastly developing prototypes. In addition, I serve as one of the operators for the Carbon M2 3D printer.

How do you balance work and study?

Work is no place to be doing homework or school assignments. However, from my time at aMDI I have noticed that a lot of the things I study at school relate to the work at aMDI and vice versa. Skills I have learned, such as, CAD, report writing, the design process, and prototyping have come in handy in, both, school and my job.


What are some significant projects you have worked on?

Some of the most significant projects I have worked on at aMDI include an automated system for measuring the density of bones, mechanical design for a device that monitors fitness performance, mechanical designs for a hand sanitizing system for doctors, and as of recently, intensive research involving the Carbon M2 3D printer. As of now, the Carbon 3D printer is very exciting since it is a relatively new hardware and I find having experience in 3D Additive Manufacturing to be very useful.

What are some skills you have developed at aMDI that are most transferable to the job market?

Since I started working at aMDI, my CAD skills have improved greatly and I feel I can design things with much more ease and simplicity. In addition, the things I am learning about 3D Additive Manufacturing, I think, will be very useful in the future since this technology is becoming progressively more significant in industries. Lastly, working on so many different projects has made me a better problem solver. I feel I can arrive at a more feasible solution to a problem now, compared to when I started.

What is your five-year plan?

My five-year plan includes graduating with my Product Design and Manufacturing Engineering degree in the summer of 2020. Afterward, I would like to find a job that involves designing medical devices or athletic equipment. One day, I would like to live somewhere out West, like Oregon or Washington.

Least favorite genre of movies:

I am a huge movie fan, I love all types of movies and try to go to the theatre often. If I were to choose my least favorite type of movie it would be one that is poorly produced and executed.

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