COVID 19 Response

Novel Coronavirus Pandemic Response


  • With aMDI help, MediSurge printed and assembled face shields and mask bands with provided designs from Carbon 3D.  The first lots were donated locally to St. Mary’s Hospital for front line heath care workers.  Additional donations have been made to local dental offices. 
  • Concept development:  MediSurge designed and printed concepts for mask retainers for masks that hook over the ear.  MediSurge completed a full build of 100 retainers for Bosch USA in Kentwood to be utilized in the plant for their workers.  The retainers help to ease pressure on ears.
  • MediSurge and aMDI are on the preferred partner list for providing a funnel point for medical devices intended to assist with the COVID-19 crisis. 
  • Created GVSU aMDI 3D Printing Capability document and provided to local hospital and clinicians to disseminate potential 3D printing for out of stock critical lifesaving medical device components.

Page last modified September 1, 2020